Email List Growth Spotlight: How a small e-commerce site added hundreds of new emails in one month

Online cycling clothes store based in the United Kingdom.

Online cycling clothes store based in the United Kingdom.

Wanting to grow their email list and drive e-commerce transactions, this e-commerce company registered Privy and converted their website traffic into 130 new emails and 54 new customers within the first month.


1. They registered for Privy and installed the widget on their website.

2.  They used the Privy website widget editor to create and publish a small offer encouraging people to subscribe to their email list.

Choose the position, color, and content of your own pop-up widget. Privy also makes it easy to link in-store or online redeemable offers to further encourage email sign-ups!

3. Consumers use their email to claim the offers and the marketers can watch the magic happen!

                   Privy's pop-up image is easily viewable and doesn't block website content.

                   Privy's pop-up image is easily viewable and doesn't block website content.

Privy's pop-up widgets are easy, quick, and help both the company and their customers. When a consumer clicks on the widget, it prompts them for their email and keeps them on the website.

Who wouldn't subscribe for an easy offer like that!

Privy also provides this e-commerce marketer with a real-time snapshots of key metrics like database growth and conversions rates. Privy makes it easy to track the company's success and figure out the most effective ways to grow.

What are the best performing widget styles?

Privy helps you grow your email list with website popups and banners. One of the most common questions we get from our users is: "what widget style will drive the most email signups?"  To answer that question, we looked across our entire base and analyzed email signup by widget style. 

After running the analysis, the popup style clearly takes home the trophy, converting almost 5% of all visitors.  Next is the basic tab, and then a few other variations of the widget style.

As you use Privy to grow your email list, use this analysis to optimize the style of your website widget, and also take into account how you want the widget to appear on your site and impact the user experience. Using our widget editor, you can easily toggle different styles, colors, text, popups and banners (including exit intent popups), all without needing a developer.

Want to get started with Privy? Sign up for free here.  Or run with our popular Optimizer plan for a drive and we'll do the work for you to maximize conversion rates and list growth on your website. 

5 simple ways to grow your email list

1. Start on your website and blog

Most websites have hidden, embedded forms somewhere deep on their site. That's really not enough. Turn on website banners or popups and use targeting like timed auto show or exit intent to really turn things up on your list growth efforts.

2. Leverage Social Media

Just because someone is a fan of your page on Facebook, doesn't mean they're also subscribed to your newsletter. Post frequently to your Facebook page, Google+, Twitter and any other social channels with landing pages pointing people to subscribe to your newsletter

3. Use your Email signature

Over the course of a week, hundreds or thousands of people are likely reading emails you send out. Adding a landing page link to subscribe to your newsletter is a great way to point additional, high intent audience to subscribe to your email list.

4. Ask People in-person

If you regularly attend events to market your business at trade shows and have a booth, put out an ipad that lets people subscribe to your email list as well. Same goes for in-store customers if you run a local business. 

5. Find Partners that can help grow your audience

See if any friendly partners of yours would be willing to post an offer to their social media audience or in their own newsletter. That will help increase your audience with new leads and potential customers who might be interested in what you offer and have not yet seen you before. 

The above tactics will absolutely help you begin to grow your list. Make sure you have the basics in place with a standard "join my list campaign" and if you want to accelerate your email list growth, you can turn things up with offer driven campaigns instead.



Display Advertising: Getting Started

This guest post is written by Alex Biale, Digital Marketing Associate at sovrn and a Privy partner.

Creating content is hard. Making money from your content is even harder. That’s where sovrn steps in. At its core, sovrn is a data business invested in empowering publishers by helping them understand their readers, engage with their users and, if they want to, make money. sovrn, Holdings, Inc. is a data-savvy supply side platform that acts as a conduit in the adtech ecosystem. We connect publishers to advertisers by providing them with snippets of code that generate revenue through display advertising.

There are a lot of tools out there that help publishers, but what makes us different is the fact that our commitment to transparency and performance aligns our incentives with yours. We're using our massive network, over nearly 1M websites and a combined audience reach of nearly 1/2 billion people to attract the biggest advertisers and get them to spend the highest CPM possible.

How do I know if my site is ready for display advertising?

We’re glad you asked. Some of the larger ad networks have higher traffic qualifications for entering their network, but overall the general traffic number is likely more attainable than you think. A solid minimum traffic number is around 1,000 daily pageviews. At that pace, if you are garnering a $1.00 CPM for a single ad, or $1.00 for every 1,000 views of that ad, in one month’s time you can earn around $30, By adding a few more zones, or areas on your site for more ads, you can multiply that income pretty fast.

By implementing display advertising on your website you add a low maintenance, passive revenue stream. Now $30 dollars may not seem like a giant chunk of change, but it may very well offset monthly hosting fees, stock photos purchases and a myriad of other costs that add up over the course of a year. As you begin to grow your readership and thus, traffic to your site, that monthly check starts to grow along with it. Many publishers will reinvest their monthly ad revenue into paid channels like social media promotions to help boost their traffic. As their traffic continues to grow, more and more of that ad revenue ends up in their pocket.

How sovrn helps publishers

sovrn makes website monetization easy with the meridian platform. The meridian platform is a tool for publishers that establishes a line of reference for their site by helping them understand their performance and audience while comparing themselves to other site like them. In addition to ad tag management, meridian boasts an unmatched publisher tool suite and robust, user friendly reporting and data visualization. Through the meridian platform, publishers can access resources and tools to help them grow, improve and make more money.

To join sovrn, follow these steps:

1.     Sign up with sovrn and complete your account information.

2.     Apply for display, mobile and video ad tags and install them on your site.

3.     Start making money.

4.     Stay current with best practices through sovrn’s resource center.

Have any questions on display advertising or how to get started? Check out our website and sign up to get in touch with our dedicated Publisher Advocates.



How to hack marketing automation with Privy + Constant Contact

“Marketing automation” has become one of the most popular terms in digital marketing, especially related to email.   Marketing automation is primarily about (drum roll…)... automating the basics of the marketing process.   

A key capability within the marketing automation process is acquiring new email addresses from people who visit your website or engage with you on landing pages, and then delivering relevant content to these new email subscribers to keep them engaged with your brand and your message.

How do you hack marketing automation with Constant Contact and Privy? It's easy.

1. First start with the Privy onsite widget, landing page tool or iPad app to grow your email list.

In just a few clicks you can turn in-store customer, website visitors, Yelp traffic or Facebook likes into new email subscribers.

2. Sync your Privy account with your Constant Contact account.

So long as you are a current customer of both services, this only takes a few clicks! Simply open "account settings" in your Privy dashboard and select Constant Contact to link your account..

3. Set up automation flows in your Constant Contact account. 

Thanks to Constant Contact's powerful new "Autoresponder" functionality, setting up targeted, triggered email sequences is a breeze!

You can now sit back and watch the machine work its magic, as new email signups are automatically communicated with by your new marketing automation system.

Grow your email list with website widgets and mobile landing pages from Privy. Sign up at

What is exit intent? How can it help you convert more customers?

If you're a marketer thinking about email list growth, you've probably heard the term "exit intent". Don't worry, if you don't yet know what that means, you're not alone.

To understand what exit intent is, it's important to understand the background data leading to the growth of this trend.

Most of your website visitors "bounce".

Here's the truth, despite your website being your most powerful channel for acquiring customers, half of those visitors will leave your site right away. In fact, Mashable quotes that the average website bounce rate is 50%.

This means that 50% of the people you worked so hard to drive to your website, are leaving you in the dust before even exploring your offerings.

What is exit intent?

Simply put, exit intent is software that tracks a users mouse movements on a website or landing page. As the software detects a user that appears to be "exiting" or "bouncing" from a page, the software will use that as a prompt for some sort of event. In most cases, marketers are using exit intent to display some sort of message just before the user leaves the site.

What types of exit intent displays are effective?

When you track a user exiting your page, technically you could present them with any sort of content, or trigger any action on their behalf. We've seen some marketers present  featured content, ask the user to join their email list, and in some cases, present a offer as a last ditch effort to get them to convert.

Our data has shown offers to be incredibly effective when used in conjunction with exit intent. In fact, turning on an offer can lead to a 32% conversion rate, as compared to a 15% conversion rate with non offer based headline.

How can you run exit intent on your own site?

Turning on exit intent for your website is really easy. We offer a FREE exit intent website widget. After a one time installation on your website, you can use our visual editor to customize the exit intent display so it looks great on your site. 

Here are a few examples of clients who used Privy to design their exit intent displays and increase list growth conversions

Need help setting up your free exit intent popup? Click here for a quick guide on getting started


How to Install the Privy Widget on a Wix Site

Installing the Privy list builder widget on your Wix site is easy. Just follow these 3 steps below:


1. Add Privy Website Widget App to Wix Site

Go to the Wix App Market in your site editor and search for Privy Website Widget. Next hover over the Privy app and click the Add to Site button.

2. Add Your Privy Identifier

In the app's settings, fill in your Privy identifier. This can be found here. No need to do anything after you enter your identifier, it automatically saves.

3. Position the Widget

Now all you have to do is find a good spot to put the widget. When you find a good spot to put the widget, remember to give it some space in order for the content to display. Also make sure you don't cover any important links on you site.

You're all set! Now that the code is installed, you can now create, customize and publish website campaigns without ever messing with code again.

How to grow your Dotmailer email list with Privy

We're excited to release our brand new integration with the Dotmailer email marketing platform.

With the launch of our Dotmailer integration, we now offer a seamless way to sync all newly acquired email contacts from Privy, directly into the Dotmailer list of your choice.

Getting started with Privy is easy. You can use our website banners and exit intent popups to grow your subscriber list, or our landing page tool to convert paid and social traffic. 

To automatically sync new emails to your Dotmailer account, here's what to do.

1. Head to settings & authenticate your Dotmailer account.

2. Create and publish a Privy email acquisition campaign.

3. Select the Dotmailer list to keep in sync.

Are you a Dotmailer user looking to grow your email list? Learn more about our Dotmailer integration and create your free Privy account here