Privy Channel Intelligence Data

Optimizing marketing mix is incredibly challenging - especially when your marketing goals vary through the conversion funnel. Understanding email list growth by marketing channel is a challenging task for marketers, and helps give the mid-funnel view of how brand awareness leads to email signup and conversion.

Privy users are able to understand list growth and conversions by channel through the Privy dashboard.  For the benefit of all marketers, we like to occasionally release aggregate data on the best marketing channels for email list growth. Hopefully these findings can help you narrow in on the right mix, or perhaps validate your own theses.

Today we're honing in on four of our most commonly used channels: Website, Twitter, Organic Facebook and Paid Facebook.

We looked at the last 250,000 email signups across our clientele to compare effectiveness of these central channels against one another. Here's what we found.

Email Signups by Channel

At the top of the funnel, we look at new email addresses signing up for client campaigns. 

At first glance, you may think you should increase spending on Facebook paid ads but you need to evaluate the signup data in conjunction with subsequent conversion data. Are new leads from Facebook ads high intent? Let's see.

Conversion rate by channel

Acquiring new, clean, contacts is always a great thing, but understanding which of these channels produces the highest intent list growth is key. 

In summary, if your goal is pure email list growth, Facebook is a great channel to focus on after your website. However, if your goal is to focus on high-converting email signups, your website and Twitter are the best channels.

Are you struggling to measure the effectiveness of your marketing to drive email signups and conversions? Get in touch and we'd be happy to help you out.

4 new ways to leverage your email list for remarketing

With the growth of email databases and segmentation capabilities over the last decade - along with the massive growth in other interactive marketing capabilities such as social media, display advertising, mobile advertising, and more - there has never been a better time to grow and own an email database. Why?  Email databases can now be used for more than just email marketing, and having a large email database makes it possible to reach your customers and prospects, at scale, on other ad platforms. 

At Privy, we’re focused on helping marketers grow, measure, and activate their email database.  Here are 4 ways you can use your email database for remarketing beyond just email:

1. Facebook Custom Audiences:  The social media behemoth launched Facebook Custom Audiences in 2012. How does it work? Upload your email list and then serve ads on the Facebook Ad Platform targeted at your email list.  

2. Adroll CRM Retargeting: Adroll is a retargeting leader - known for serving ads to people who visited your site.  Adroll recently released a CRM Retargeting capability, allowing you to upload an email list and serve retargeting ads to people in your email list.

3. Twitter Tailored Audiences: Twitter has a highly engaged audience worldwide.  With Twitter Tailored Audiences, one of your targeting options is to upload an email list and serve ads on the Twitter platform to people in your email list.

4. Customer & Prospect Insight: Platforms like FullContact, Spotright, TowerData, and more make it super easy to overlay insight data on top of your email list.  You can add data such as social profiles, demographics, interests, and more.  This data allows you to personalize your future communication with your list, gain intelligence around the types of customers and prospects that make up your list, and help you drive smarter marketing decisions across all channels.

Interested in learning about how you can grow, measure, and activate your email database? Get in touch with us at Privy to learn about our list growth activation platform. 

Are you blindfolded? Can you answer these questions?

In today's world, understanding your customer and measuring engagement is everything. But clicks and impressions don't necessarily translate to sales or meaningful outcomes for your business.

Can you answer these questions?


1. Where did your last 1,000 customers come from?


2. Is Facebook, Google, Yelp or your website driving more ROI? (Not impressions or clicks but actual transactions)


3. If you had $1M to spend on marketing, where would you invest it? 

If you can't answer these, you're operating with blindfolds on. We can help fill your organization's customer data, measurement and marketing ROI gaps.

How to hack marketing automation with Privy + Constant Contact

“Marketing automation” has become one of the most popular terms in digital marketing, especially related to email.   Marketing automation is primarily about (drum roll…)... automating the basics of the marketing process.   

A key capability within the marketing automation process is acquiring new email addresses from people who visit your website or engage with you on landing pages, and then delivering relevant content to these new email subscribers to keep them engaged with your brand and your message.

How do you hack marketing automation with Constant Contact and Privy? It's easy.

1. First start with the Privy onsite widget, landing page tool or iPad app to grow your email list.

In just a few clicks you can turn in-store customer, website visitors, Yelp traffic or Facebook likes into new email subscribers.

2. Sync your Privy account with your Constant Contact account.

So long as you are a current customer of both services, this only takes a few clicks! Simply open "account settings" in your Privy dashboard and select Constant Contact to link your account..

3. Set up automation flows in your Constant Contact account. 

Thanks to Constant Contact's powerful new "Autoresponder" functionality, setting up targeted, triggered email sequences is a breeze!

You can now sit back and watch the machine work its magic, as new email signups are automatically communicated with by your new marketing automation system.

Grow your email list with website widgets and mobile landing pages from Privy. Sign up at

New campaign type: Join my list

Here at Privy, we're focused on building the best email list growth platform for B2C marketers. Historically all our acquisition tools involved some sort of offer or coupon. Though great for conversion rates, sometimes you want to simply create a "join my list" campaign using our website widget, landing page tool or iPad app for in-person collection.

With the launch of some powerful new functionality, retail marketers now have the flexibility to run list growth campaigns within Privy.

Next time you create a campaign, simply choose the context you desire.

Join my list campaigns still leverage the same great on-site widget and landing page functionality and for enterprise clients, can also be geotargeted as well.

The key difference from an offer based campaign is that no triggered emails will send from the Privy system, and the only conversion you will see in the analytics will be a "signup".  

This campaign type is perfect for generic join my list widgets on your site or event based campaigns for registrations. And, if you enable ESP autosync you can still setup triggered emails within your ESP.


Email list growth and tracking - Now supporting both online & in-store conversions

With the rise of "Brick and Click" retail brands (aka those who operate brick and mortar locations as well as ecommerce sites), the need for a unified solution to drive online sales as well as in-store sales has never been more pressing.

Legacy retailers are investing great amounts to spring up online stores as soon as possible, and the hottest online brands are rushing to open brick and mortar locations. The online and offline worlds are blending, yet the tools these marketers are using have added an exponential amount of work to serve each world.

We just released a set of features that now enables Privy retail marketers to easily configure their campaigns to drive online conversions as well as in-store conversions, and we've never been more excited to share this with you.

Here's how it works:

1. Create an offer.

You can customize how the offer will look, and where it will sit on your website and spin up mobile optimized landing pages that look great. The campaign creation and design process take just a few clicks.

2. Turn "online redemptions" on.

3. Enter a promo code, along with a simple message to surface after a customer claims the offer.

4. Include a link to the checkout page.

5. Install our online tracking code on your checkout confirmation page.

6. Track online conversions in real time.

Now retail marketers can use Privy as their one stop solution to automate email list growth and measure both online and offline conversions.  

For a live example of how this works for consumers, please visit  and look for the special offer widget on the bottom of the page.

For more information, visit

New email list growth features for retail and restaurant marketers

The Privy product team has been hard at work. We recently launched several new features which are now live in your dashboard. If you are interested in using these, we'd be happy to help get you up and running.

1. Easy to configure online conversion tracking


With a growing number of marketers who are trying to drive online conversions (ecommerce, catering, gift certificates and more), we now offer the ability to configure your campaigns to drive and measure online conversions just as easily as in-store conversions. The same great reporting is now available for real-time, online conversion tracking. For the full announcement, click here.

Simply toggle the online redemption switch "on", add a promo code or messaging to show after the consumer opts in, and provide a direct link to your online conversion page. We'll take care of the rest.

2. Autosync emails to your ESP


When creating or editing campaign, choose a list from your connected email service provider and we'll autosync all new emails from Privy directly to your ESP.

3. iPad app to collect in-store email addresses


We recently released an iPad app that lets you easily turn in-store foot traffic into email database growth. Click here for the full announcement.

4. Collect email address only 

Toggle the ability to collect first name, last name and favorite store on or off. This is great for marketers trying to reduce required fields and increase conversion rates.

By turning off customer name collection, your widget and landing pages will only require emails at the point of conversion.

By turning off customer name collection, your widget and landing pages will only require emails at the point of conversion.

5. AWeber Email Integration 


AWeber email marketers rejoice. You can now head to your account settings and link your Privy account to your AWeber account to easily grow your email list.

Please reach out to should you want to learn more about any of these powerful new features.

Stop Measuring Eyeballs and Clicks, Start Measuring Relationships and Transactions

With the continued shift from traditional marketing channels to digital, retail marketers are now spending $6+ Billion on digital advertisements on channels like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. 

The out of the box metrics that result from any of these campaigns includes things like number of impressions, clicks, likes, shares but are any of these real business outcomes? Do these translate into customers and revenue?


If you can't directly measure the business outcome of a marketing campaign, was it an effective campaign?


Sure, there is still value in "brand awareness" campaigns, and if that was your original going when launching a campaign then yes impressions and eyeballs are sufficient for that specific campaign goal. If not, if your original intention was to drive customer visits in-store or increase ecommerce checkouts, you need to dig deeper.

You need to put the tracking and infrastructure in place in order to translate eyeballs into meaningful metrics that matter. For most retail marketers, email relationships and transactions matter most. Hint: it doesn't need to be expensive, time consuming or difficult to set these systems up.

For a deeper look, listen in to our upcoming webinar on how the SVP Marketing of Tupelo Honey Cafe successfully measures sales and builds relationships from digital campaigns, or simply check out our case study page.

Also, check out this recent article in the Wall Street Journal on the same topic: 


Privy Storefront for iPad - Turn in-store customers into email subscribers with our free iOS app

With Privy's website, social media and email tools, we've made it easy for any retail marketer to rapidly grow their email lists from any digital channel. Now, with the launch of Privy Storefront for iPad, we're enabling retail marketers to turn existing in-store foot traffic into email subscribers as well. This is perfect for in-store display on kiosks in every location, as well as at in-person events, trade shows and farmers markets.

Never use a clipboard and manual transcription again!

Here's how it works:

1. Download the free Privy Storefront iPad app.

2. Login using your existing Privy account.

3. Choose a campaign to display to customers and grow your email list!

                                             Screen shot of Campaign Selection Page.

                                             Screen shot of Campaign Selection Page.

Existing Privy users can authenticate their account inside the app. Don't have an account, simply signup at Once logged in, you can select one of your existing offers or campaigns within your dashboard to display to in-store customers. When customers use the app to submit their email addresses, the app will automatically refresh the display in preparation for the next customer submission. The app will also prevent customers from browsing external websites. Here's a recent case study featuring a client who grew their email list 20% after rolling out the Privy Storefront app across all their stores.

After you're set up, your Privy dashboard will show claims and redemptions from iPad app as a source. The source and iPad specific tracking is created automatically for you.

Curious to learn more about the free iPad app? Want to have us provision and deliver Privy ready iPads across many store locations? Feel free to reach out to us at

Privy helps Tupelo Honey Cafe turn in-store foot traffic into 20% email list growth [case study]

Tupelo Honey Cafe recognized they were missing thousands of opportunities to engage customers in-store, and build more email relationships. They had already been using Privy successfully to grow their email list from their digital assets, but recently rolled out the Privy Storefront iPad app across all their in-store iPad kiosks. The results have been incredible. Since rolling out the iPad app, Tupelo has grown their database by 20%. That's over 1,000 new customer emails for each of their locations. And since they're able to track which of the new subscribers comes back in-store, they have been able to tie 50% of new email subscribers to an in-store transaction.

Using small offers on iPad kiosks in each location, Tupelo is able to incentivize customers to subscribe to their email list and automate email list growth. No more transcribing handwriting or hiring data entry assistants.

Tupelo is seeing major success incorporating Privy into a diverse set of marketing initiatives including:

  • In-store email collection via the Privy Storefront iPad app
  • Inclement weather offers to motivate sales during storms
  • Acquisition offers to turn Yelp and website traffic into email subscribers and first time customers
"When we originally integrated Privy into all of our digital assets, we were excited at the impact it had on email list growth. With Privy now on our in-store iPad kiosks, we're able to rapidly grow our email list from our existing foot traffic as well. These are now customer relationships we can nurture over the long-term to drive repeat business".

     - Christin Prince, SVP Marketing at Tupelo Honey Cafe


For the full case study, please click below. To learn more about the iPad app, click here.

Customer Acquisition for E-Commerce Marketers [Event]

Do you run marketing for an E-Commerce or Subscription Commerce business? If so, definitely check out this upcoming event.

Join our own Dan Scudder, along with VP Marketing of the Grommet, and the Folks from Social Fulcrum at this free event. The panel discussion will center around customer acquisition methods, channels and strategies for commerce oriented businesses.

To learn more and register, click here.