Which Brand Will Make You Cooler?

(C) Hard Rock

(C) Hard Rock

There’s only one place that Paul McCartney has played, where you can get a burger any way you want and where you can channel your inner rock legend like you were born to be on stage. It's a HARD ROCK.   Haven’t been there yet?

Here’s what you’re missing:



You tell your friends about that time you went to a Hard Rock pool, then partied at said pool while LIL' JON came to perform while you rocked out. WHAAAATTTT??? OOOKKKAAAYYYY!!!




You can regale your friends with tales of the most incredible and one-of-a-kind rock memorabilia you experienced, like Eric Clapton's guitar or the Rita Galligan story (longest standing employee)...without even getting up from your chair.




You get to eat this. Wow - I might have to leave work early to get some of this stuff.




You will have pets who are better traveled (and clothed) than all of your friends.




You can P-A-R-T-Y with tons of awesome people and see some unreal concerts.




You can use your gambling winnings to eat, sleep and Rock and Roll All Night without ever walking outside.




You'll learn amazing international Rock n Roll Trivia...did you know that the Hard Rock Cafe was first opened in London in 1971 - the name "Hard Rock Cafe" is shown on the cover of the "The Morrison Hotel" album by The Doors. Isaac Tiggert, co-founder of Hard Rock Cafe, liked it and decided to use it.




You can be a modern day Magellan with proof (via t-shirts) for just $3,300 by buying a round the world plane ticket and stop at all 189 Hard Rock locations around the world. It's like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, but much more excellent.




You can scream a 4 letter word that ends in C-K all you want and people will love you for it.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 6.20.55 PM.png


You can rock as hard as this Granny and be proud of it.



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Top 5 Coolest Restaurants to Take Young Kids

1. Tournament of Kings at Excalibur- Las Vegas, NV

Bring the whole family to enjoy a feast fit for King Arthur himself, while enjoying a medieval tournament alongside the nights of the round table.

2. Ninja- New York, NY

Modeled after a Ninja Village in Feudal Japan, Ninja is the perfect place to experience ancient Japanese culture with the family.

3. Rainforest Cafe- National Chain

Ever seen young children eat a sparkling volcano cake in the middle of the rainforest? No? It's exciting!

4. The Proud Bird- Los Angeles, CA

If any of your little ones are fascinated by airplanes and pilots, there is no better place to eat than The Proud Bird.

5. The Cave Restaurant and Resort- Richmond, MO

What was your favorite cartoon as a kid? The Flintstones you say? Probably because they ate in caves. Take the whole family to enjoy a meal at the nation's only restaurant in a cave.

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Healthy HURTS? Burger King Dropping Satisfries



Burger King has announced that more than 2,500 of their franchised locations are going to drop "Satisfries" - their lower calorie fries that were announced with a huge national advertising push in 2013. With nearly 20% of all world wide Burger King locations dropping this offering, one must assume that the cost benefit relationship between this healthier offering just simply isn't worth it.

"When I think Burger King, I definitely don't think healthy food."
- Jackie Kreiner, Burger King Customer

For years now, there has been a push on QSR brands from consumers to serve healthier foods. Food items like salads and new cooking processes like healthier oils or less dressings have allowed brands to promote lower calorie offerings. Even new brands like b.good and Sweetgreen have come to the forefront with their locally-sourced, fully healthy menu concepts. For brands that were not established on the pillars of healthy food, the jury is still out as to whether or not adding healthier foods can increase their bottom line.

Despite the lack of clarity, Burger King's stock continues to impress. In the first half of 2014, the company is up over 15% and has improved nearly 20% more than it's primary competitor, McDonald's. 



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Organic Reach on Facebook Makes Your Boosted Post Better

When thinking about whether or not you should boost a Facebook post, first, make sure you understand the organic reach of your post as it has a HUGE impact on the bang you get for your buck.

One of our customers, Golden Krust, ran 4 different boosted posts – we took a look at the data and are sharing the insights with you. They spent the same amount on each post. Of the 4, 1 of them was more than 200% more effective than the average of the other three. One of the biggest reasons: more organic reach.

DateJuly 31 PostJuly 14 PostJune 20 PostJune 2 Post
Paid Reach (%)91.6%97.3%95.6%92.3%
Organic Reach (%)8.4%2.7%4.4%7.7%

As you can see on the July 31 post, the organic reach was 8.4%, which is 9% higher than the June 2nd post and almost double the other two posts. Most impressively, look at the impressions count; the July 31 post reached more than 10,000 more sets of eyeballs than any of the other posts (that’s a 40% improvement!). For the same $100, it is safe to say they got a lot more value on the post which had higher organic reach.

So what makes a post get more organic reach than another? Engagement. The July 31 post got almost twice as many engagements as any other boosted post.

DateJuly 31 PostJuly 14 PostJune 20 PostJune 2 Post
Total Engagements608187337297

When you’re thinking about boosting a post, do yourself a favor and test 3 iterations of the post first, pick the one with the best engagement, then boost it or recreate it and boost that post.

Good luck!

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10 Fast Food Chains With Awesome Secret Menu Items

1. In-N-Out Burger

Although it's hardly a secret, In-N-Out burger has an extensive selection of unlisted menu items with a cult-like following.

2. Dairy Queen 

While it is known that Dairy Queen offers a few "secret" blizzard and sundae flavors, rumor has it the ice cream empire also keeps a whole binder full of recipes for discontinued choices and secret menu items.

3. Chipotle

Perhaps the most famous secret menu item of all, "The Quesarito" headlines Chipotles secret menu, which also includes other items such as "The Burritodilla" and nachos.

4. Starbucks

Because they are very loyal to the motto "the customer is always right," there is no limit to what can be made at Starbucks. Above are the most common beverage requests.

5. McDonalds

According to many pioneering foodies, McDonalds also keeps an array of recipes aside for their secret menu.

6. Burger King 

Another fast food empire with little known menu items, Burger King offers a collection of menu variations upon request.



7. Jamba Juice

Labeled the "underground menu," the above list of drink flavors and their recipes is supposedly kept behind every countered, but never advertised

8. Subway

Short, but sweet. Subway's secret menu isn't extensive, yet is packed with great flavors and variations of classic subs.

9. Taco Bell

Consisting of super-hero named items and various other creative foods, the Taco Bell Secret Menu is full of options for a hungry adventurous eater.


10. Sonic

This menu, consisting of special soda flavors, old menu choices and other unlisted foods, is available at most Sonic locations upon request.

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Introducing The New Privy Dashboard

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our new and improved dashboard! We listened to your feedback and pored over usage data to create a beautiful new experience that makes your job easier than ever.

Streamlined Campaign Setup

We simplified campaign creation so it’s easier to see exactly what’s needed in order to get a new campaign out the door. Just add your offer and restrictions, set the schedule, determine your distribution and approve for launch.

Powerful New Reporting

As a marketer using Privy, the real fun starts after you launch a campaign and the results start rolling in. Now you can understand campaign performance and channel effectiveness in a number of new ways.

Sharing Links Report

When we added the Sharing Links report last fall, we didn’t realize how popular it would be. We’ve since learned how much you love the ability to go beyond impressions and see the entire online to offline funnel — clicks, claims, and in-store redemptions.

Now you’ll see this report on every campaign page, with simple charts that make it easy for you to visually compare conversion data on every sharing link. We’ve also added the ability to copy either your custom Privy URL or a short URL when creating and distributing sharing links.

Campaign Summary & Growth Reports

Our usage data made it clear that people spend a majority of their time looking at individual campaigns, so we’ve made that page more powerful, giving you a full set of summary and growth reports for every campaign. Now you can toggle between reports that give you an overall snapshot of claims and redemptions, or get a more detailed understanding of how the campaign has performed over time.

We’re always making improvements based on your feedback, so please keep it coming and let us know what you think about the new dashboard!

Which Channels Drive The Best Landing Page Conversion Rates

If you’re a marketer, you are no doubt wondering where the best place to find potential leads and customers is. After figuring out which channels drive the most results for your company, it's much easier for you to prioritize your team's activities. 

You should always look in your own analytics to find out which channels are converting best for your business, but sometimes, it's helpful to get some industry benchmarks to see how your success stacks up. Using customer data from our product, we've put together the following post to give you a little insight into which sources deliver the best landing page conversion rate. 

Overall, our landing page template for customers has converted 32.1% of all visitors. This means, roughly 1 out of every 3 people who land on a Privy-hosted landing page enters their email address. (Below's an example of what this landing page typically looks like.) The traffic that takes consumers to those pages varied greatly -- and so does the conversion rates of those sources.

An example of a Privy-hosted landing page.

An example of a Privy-hosted landing page.

The best-converting source across our system was a marketing survey. At the end of a survey, some of our clients put a landing page link for a promotion to thank survey respondents for their time. A whopping 85% of people who went to the landing page from a survey entered their name and email address.

The worst-converting source across our system were desktop banner ads. Many of our clients run geo-targeted banner ad campaigns that include promotions such as “Buy One Get One Free.” Overall, banner ad placements converted at 7%.

Below are all of channels we measured:

Some of these results are as expected, others were shocking. Perhaps the biggest surprise of these findings is that Facebook Boosted Posts strongly outperform Facebook organic shares. At 46.7%, Facebook Boosted Posts have been an effective source of high quality traffic to a landing page. Facebook shares, on the other hand, have enjoyed a conversion rate of roughly 11.6%. Interestingly, Facebook boosted posts have outperformed all other Facebook formats (ads, organic posts, shared posts) in landing page conversion, too. 

We were not at all surprised to see that a brand’s website converts more highly than many other sources. Our data suggests that consumers that come to a business’s website are much more interested in that business than if they came from other sources. We believe this is because people now understand that they can go to websites to get actual information from a business … thus, when they go to website for that information, they're much more likely to fill out a landing page form to get it. 

The same goes for people who have just completed a survey. Ultimately, if someone is going to spend time to fill out a form and give you information on their opinions and beliefs, they are going to take advantage of a promotion that is presented to them after the fact … we weren't surprised that more than 4 out of 5 people converted on a landing page after taking a survey.

Overall, our big takeaway is that sources that require a consumer to perform some action of interest, like go to a website or fill out a survey, will generally yield consumers who will be more likely to convert. Paid ads, on the other hand, interject an offer into someone’s activity, so the consumer isn't already thinking about your brand. When people have a lower intent to interact with your company, they are less likely to convert.

Do your landing page conversion rates results mirror this data? Which channel's conversion rate is most surprising?

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Venturebeat: "Hard Rock Cafe uses Privy to take shoppers’ anonymity out of its digital promotions"

"Last week, Kim Matlock, Senior Director of Digital Marketing and CRM for Hard Rock Cafe, joined Ben Jabbawy, CEO of Privy, at the Growthbeat conference last week in San Francisco. As Venturebeat described:

Above: Ben Jabbawy of Privy and Kim Matlock of Hard Rock Cafe. Image Credit: Michael O'Donnell/VentureBeat

Above: Ben Jabbawy of Privy and Kim Matlock of Hard Rock Cafe.

Image Credit: Michael O'Donnell/VentureBeat

"When Hard Rock Cafe‘s Kim Matlock decided to use Privy’s marketing tools, she wanted to track the conversion rates of her digital advertising. But what is she found instead was that her Facebook ads had a 15-fold return on investment — and that her digital advertising agency’s numbers weren’t adding up."

They went on to explain that "Privy has helped her nail down exactly how effective her advertising and promotions are in driving revenue [to] her company’s restaurants, hotels, and casinos."

See more of the interview here.

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