2 Ways to Increase Your Average Ticket Amount

One of the key business objectives every restaurant thinks about is how to increase average ticket prices. Many tactics including menu reorganization, server upsell, larger meal sizes and more are used to get those checks up. Certain promotions can be key to increase average ticket amounts as long as they are structured the right way. Here's what you need to know to get it done:

1. Offer a Promotion that is worth 10% less than your average ticket. If your average ticket is $13, offer a promotion that is worth $11-$12 total. For example, if you are a fast casual restaurant and most people buy a meal and a drink, offer a promotion for 20% off food only. People tend to spend more than they might normally when they are redeeming promotions.

2. Give A Free Side or Dessert. Sometimes a little indulgence goes a long way - people who were planning on eating out will choose to eat at your restaurant if they feel they are going to spend the same amount and get a little more. If it's something that has high margins for you, then you will give very little and get a lot.

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The Road to 100% Redemption Rate

One of our customers, Fat Jack's Subs, recently ran a campaign that achieved what many thought was impossible: a 49.4% redemption rate.

No one thought a 50% redemption rate was possible, Fat Jack's prove them wrong!

No one thought a 50% redemption rate was possible, Fat Jack's prove them wrong!

They ran a "Buy One Sub, Get One Free" campaign that lasted two weeks - they published to Facebook and to their loyalty club members.

Not too shabby!

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4pm Is Hot

A lot of our clients ask us when during the day consumers are most likely to engage with their brand. The short answer is 4pm:

Consumers engage with brands the most at the 4pm hour.

Consumers engage with brands the most at the 4pm hour.

The longer answer is that consumers interact differently with your brand throughout the day. Privy measures when consumers sign up for promotions across various channels and when they spend money in-store. If your goal is to acquire customer data and drive sales 4pm is your target time.

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How Holly Cleaners Uses Privy to Easily Distribute Offers & Acquire New Customers

Holly Cleaners is a multi-location dry cleaning company based in Massachusetts.  They use Privy to help acquire new customers and get their existing client base to try different services.  

Acquiring New Customers

Through Privy, Holly Cleaners is able to distribute offers to their website without touching code or even contacting their IT department. As you can see below, Holly published an offer for 20% off dry cleaning on their website with a slick, beautiful design:

Holly Cleaners publishes promotions to their website with one click of a button.

Holly Cleaners publishes promotions to their website with one click of a button.

They restricted this offer to first-time customers only, ensuring that only people new to the business can take advantage of this special deal.

Cross-Selling Existing Customers

Holly Cleaners had previously been distributing print coupons to their existing customers, but had no way easy of measuring the effectiveness of those print coupons.

In the Privy dashboard, Holly Cleaners can see exactly where consumers signed up for each offer online.

In the Privy dashboard, Holly Cleaners can see exactly where consumers signed up for each offer online.

With Privy, Holly can easily distribute any coupon online in a way that gets measured and reported in real time.  Holly is able to track how many consumers click to view their promotion and, most importantly, they can track how many consumers sign up for that promotion and how many of them actually spend money in-store, so they can understand exactly the ROI of any given promotion:

Holy SH%T: The Real Life Impact of Social Media

So, in the restaurant business, it's sometimes easy to take for granted what impact marketing has, especially digital marketing. Many people see modern marketers as people who hide behind dashboards and charts. But, alas, those dashboards and charts demonstrate EXACTLY what the ultimate goal of marketing is: more customers.

After our post yesterday, our client from Chicken n Rice guys asked us to publish this picture.

On the left, their 1 day campaign performance. On the right, their real world results.

On the left, their 1 day campaign performance. On the right, their real world results.

Nothing beats seeing the real world proof of your work.

Thanks and kudos, Chicken and Rice Guys.

Social Media Powers Huge Grand Opening

Chicken N Rice Guys is fast-growing fleet of food trucks in the Boston area who totally get social. They wanted to test a new location in Cambridge and needed to drive additional traffic there to make their sales a success. Their strategy paid off huge.


First, they wanted to see if running a high margin, low value promotion would be effective. They tested giving away a free snack size order.

Then, they posted on social media and told their followers that it would be valid if their Facebook post hit 100 likes. Interestingly, they didn't have a way to block that, but look at what their customers did anyways.

The results of the campaign were awesome: in just 2 days of publishing, they collected 72 new email addresses and had a 65.8% redemption rate on their campaign...ALL from social media.

Needless to say, they will be returning to that location again.

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9AM Is The Worst Time for Consumer Engagement

Ever wondered when the best time to reach out to your customers is? Privy is here with all of the answers. It turns out that right when someone gets to work is the worst time to talk to them. 


This shouldn't be that surprising. Most people are rushing in the morning and aren't thinking about engaging with a brand. What's interesting though, is that mid-afternoon is when people get very interested in connecting with brands.

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How To Effectively Boost A Facebook Post

Our data has shown recently that Facebook seriously restricts how many of your fans see any of your content. In general, only 5%-10% of your Facebook Fans see any given post. Sometimes, you want more people to see a post and Facebook allows you to pay to boost any post to more people. Here's what you need to do to spend that money efficiently and prove your ROI:


1. Click 'Boost Post'
Every single post on your Facebook page now has the option to be boosted. To take action, click on the blue button on the bottom right corner of the post.


2. Choose Your Targeting
We recommend selecting a targeted audience so you can focus on people who are mostly either unaware of your brand or not deeply connected. If you do choose a targeted audience, make sure to choose a tight target (e.g. specific cities, specific age ranges, etc.). There are a ton of reasons to target people who are familiar with your brand and we'll leave that decision to you.

3. Choose Your Schedule
Facebook automatically sets you to a price that is higher than their minimum. Don't be fooled! You can choose any amount you want. Another sneaky trick is that Facebook defaults your boost to just 1 day. To spread your boosted post over multiple days, click the drop down and choose any number of days. This way, you can spend $30 to last across 6 days instead of blowing your whole budget right away.

Go test for yourself! Boosting Facebook posts are cheap and easy. But, DON'T FORGET TO MEASURE! Before you boost a post, make sure to note how many Facebook Fans you have before you start so you can see your improvement. Of course, you can find all of that information in your Insights section, too.

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