Pre-filled Landing Page forms increase conversions by over 30%

As a marketer, you are likely requiring your leads to enter several fields of information in order to "convert" on your campaign. And typically, for every new field of required info, you're losing 50% of your audience. But what if you could pre-populate the fields on your landing pages with the info you wanted from your visitors?

It turns out pre-filling fields on behalf of repeat subscribers can increase conversions by over 30%. 


Well, we're excited to let you know that Privy powered landing pages can now pre-fill your forms for visitors that have previously converted on your campaigns, automatically. 

In the above example, someone who has already opted in to a previous campaign from Sola Cafe has now visited a new landing page for Sola's latest campaign. Since they've previously opted in to a campaign from Sola, the forms on the current landing page are pre-filled with the consumers information, thus reducing the consumer conversion process to just one click of a button.

Try it on your next Privy powered campaign. It truly works like magic.

Pre-filled landing page forms is a premium feature available on our Plus, Optimizer and Enterprise packages. Visit our pricing page for more info.

Introducing Custom Fields for Your Popups & Landing Pages

Ever wanted to collect more than a name & email address from your digital traffic?

Today, we're excited to introduce Custom Form Fields for your website popups and landing pages.  Collect more information on your digital leads so you can personalize follow up communication, build customer segments, and increase conversion rates.  All data collected will be available for export from the Privy dashboard. 

What information can you collect with Custom Form Fields?  Well, pretty much anything you can think of - phone number, business name, location, interests, and more.  But buyer beware - according to data from Formisimo, adding more  fields can increase the rate of dropoff.  Privy can help you find the right mix of custom fields and high conversion rates. 

Custom Form Fields are part of our Optimizer pricing plan. If you are interested in using Custom Form Fields, please feel free to contact us.


Who signs up for email lists?

At Privy, we help businesses grow their email list with website popups and landing pages.  As part of that, we provide businesses insight into who is signing up for their email list - social profiles, signups by source, and more. We had an opportunity to look across our entire database of over 2300 businesses using Privy to get a global snapshot of who exactly is signing up for email lists.  Here are the results of what we found:

list signups by gender.jpg

Most people who signup for an email list are female.  We found this number to be surprising, especially considering that in recent research, men and women are driving about equal activity in online commerce.  

25-34 year olds are most likely to be joining an email list.  This is not surprising, given that this generation was really the first one to grow up with email as the main tool of digital communication.  Younger folks are still signing up but tend to be more active on social media compared with email. Also not surprising, as you move up the age brackets towards older generations, the rate of email signup goes down.  An interesting future study would be to index this against overall internet usage to see who actually signs up more frequently given their time spent online.

Ready to get started with growing and analyzing your list?  Sign up for a free Privy account.


How to install the Privy Website Widget on a GoDaddy Website

Installing the Privy list builder widget on your GoDaddy Website Builder site is easy. Just follow these steps below:

1. Copy the widget code from your Privy dashboard.

2. Log in to your GoDaddy Website Builder account

3. Click the three-bar icon to get to "Manage settings" and select "Site Settings" from the dropdown menu

4. Choose "Site-wide code" and paste in the Privy widget code

5. Click "OK" to save changes

You're all set! Now that the code is installed, you can now create, customize and publish website campaigns without ever messing with code again.

Upcoming Webinar: Using popup offers to dial up email list growth

So you want to grow your email list. But what sort of campaign types are more effective than others?

We'll introduce you to the data around "signup campaigns" vs “offers", and share case studies of how Privy users leverage offers to drive list growth and ecommerce sales, in-store visits or content downloads. The webinar will be held Thursday July 16th at 3 PM EST. Register here and we'll follow up with logistics for joining.

Click below to register:

6 Tips For Creating A Restaurant Business Plan

This guest post is written by Tim Sunderland, Director of Content at NetWaiter.  NetWaiter provides online ordering and marketing tools for restaurants.

The marketing strategy in your business plan may seem insignificant compared to site details and menu specifications but it is one of the components investors look at most. Profits come from sales and unless you can paint a clear picture of how you’re going to get customers in the door and keep them coming back, you will appear as a risky investment. Here are some tips to follow when creating your business plan that will ensure your marketing strategy is on point as your floor plan. 

1. Implement a strategy to attract attention to your business before it opens. 
The time building up to your grand opening is crucial. It’s imperative that you put together a plan to create awareness about your business even before you open the doors. This ensures that you will have customers at a time when bringing in money matters most. Come up with creative ways to spark interest in your new restaurant. Check with local radio stations about giving away gift cards to listeners or send out invites for a soft opening where people can sample your menu for free. Whatever you do, keep costs in mind and don’t let excitement diminish your budget. 

2. Set up a rewards program.
One of the simplest and most effective ways of creating customer loyalty is having a program in effect that rewards frequent diners. It can be as simple as you want (your standard punch card with a buy x get x free system) or as complicated (a card that is swiped at every sale to track activity and unlock benefits and perks based on spending). Having this program in effect starting day one will help you secure first time diners from the start. 

3. Begin building a database of your customers. 
Take every opportunity to gather information about your customers. Without a list of emails or addresses to reach out to, all marketing efforts will be to cold leads. Compiling a database of people that are actual customers solidifies that your message is being delivered to interested parties, and will put more momentum behind future promotions and events.

4. Choose a community or charity to sponsor. 
Having ties to the community is an important part of restaurant marketing. Linking up with a specific organization or charity associates your name with the cause and creates brand awareness. Find a way in which you can donate a percent of your profits, give away services or product, or share your facility to benefit a local nonprofit group. 

5. Include PR and advertisings efforts. 
While some businesses prefer to rely solely on social media to promote their business it’s important to include some solid PR and advertising methods as well. Public relations deals with the public perspective of your business, and when implemented properly can be very effective at promoting a positive image of you to your audience. With advertising, utilizing a mix of traditional and new media is best. Which platforms you rely on to deliver your advertising is greatly dependent on the demographics of your customer. Include the why as well as the how in your advertising strategy to show your methods are based on the type of diner you are targeting. 

6. Network with other local businesses. 
The other businesses in your community can provide ample opportunities to grow your restaurant. Hosting corporate functions and catering working lunches are just two ways you can increase sales by forming bonds with other businesses. Become active in the right circles by researching networking events that bring local business owners together. Include these avenues in your business plan as alternative ways of increasing sales outside of the traditional dining experience. Start by becoming a member of active business groups in your area such as your local Chamber of Commerce.

How to personalize notification and confirmation emails on Shopify with Spently

This post is written by Vincent Panepinto, Co-founder at Spently.  Spently helps businesses use email to build customer relationships after every purchase. Spently is a Privy partner and has a Shopify app

Spently helps businesses increase revenue from existing customers after each purchase, with an email platform designed for your retail shop. While newsletters are important, Spently enables retail marketers to also take advantage of the underdeveloped opportunity to use email notifications to influence the next purchase occasions. Below, we will outline features and best practices for using Spently with your Shopify store. 

Email Notifications:

Spently is currently the only app in the Shopify App Store to support all the email notifications your customers receive. These are existing emails your customers get after every purchase, but come standard in plain text. With Spently, you’re able to create templates and track these emails, giving your store a more sophisticated look, and your customers a shopping experience that extends beyond the purchase. 

These are the email notifications on Shopify you can customize with Spently to include branding and promotions: 

 Order Confirmations
 POS e-Receipts
 Abandoned Checkout Emails
 Shipping Confirmations
 Shipping Updates
 Order Cancellations
 Gift Card Notifications
 Customer Activation Emails
 Customer Welcome Emails
 Password Reset
 Refund Notification

Enhanced email notifications also provide great up-sell and cross-sell opportunities compared to standard email notifications in plain text. Researchers have found that enhanced email notifications offer up to a 600% increase in clicks, up to a 125% increase in transactions, and up to a 360% increase in revenue per email. 

Personalized Content:

Using Spently’s ‘Smart Ad’ component on your Order Confirmation email template, you’re able to configure cross-promotions within the email based on what was just purchased. For example, if a customer purchases a t-shirt, you can show an ad for a matching hat, and vice versa. By providing targeted recommendations, you’re able to increase your click rate and the potential for a repeat sale. We’re able to do this by pulling in your product inventory from Shopify, giving you an easy way to put your data to good use! 

Email Campaigns + Privy:

Spently automatically syncs all customer emails from your Shopify store so you can use your list to segment groups and send email campaigns. You can easily segment based on how much they’ve spent, where they are located, and a number of other parameters using your data. With Privy’s popup forms, you’re now also able to gather signups and send them to your Spently dashboard to continue to grow your list. We understand that it’s important to market to existing customers, but it’s also important to capture the contacts of potential customers, making this an exciting opportunity for our users. 

Our partnership with Privy helps make Spently the go-to email app for those on Shopify who want to manage all of their store’s emails with one easy-to-use platform.

How to run an in-store offer with Privy: capture emails then enable mobile redemptions in your store

Presenting website visitors and social media fans with offers in exchange for their email subscription is a fabulous, effective way to grow your email list. 

The consumer gets an offer they can use in your store or restaurant, and you are able to build more relationships with leads and active customers.

With Privy offers, you can automate the entire workflow, and even track how many redemptions result from the campaign. Here's how to set up your first in-store offer in your Privy dashboard:

1. Login to

2. Click "Create new Campaign"

3. Select "Offer"

4. Add your offer details and restrictions

Offers can be limited in supply, limited to one per customer, or to only new customers.

5. Publish to your site and social media with our widget and landing pages

6. Add your physical address of the store under "locations".

7. Consumers will use their phones to redeem the offer in-store.

We validate they are in-store using the customers location and the address of the stores you've added under "locations". We also prevent offer and redemption fraud if we track someone trying to redeem the offer a second time.

8. Track in-store redemptions in real time from the Privy dashboard.

Were you looking for instructions on how to run an ecommerce offer and surface a promo code? If so, click here.

How to run an ecommerce offer with Privy: capture emails then present promo codes

Prompting new website visitors with a promo code in exchange for their email subscription is a fabulous, effective way to grow your email list. 

The consumer gets an offer, and you are able to build more relationships with leads and active customers.

With Privy offers, you can automate the entire workflow, and even track how many redemptions result from the campaign. Here's how to set up your first ecommerce offer in your Privy dashboard:

1. Login to

2. Click "Create new Campaign"

3. Select "Offer"

4. Toggle "Online redemptions" to the "on" state

5. Add your Promo code to the "after claim message" and add a link to your site or a direct URL for the checkout page

6. Install the redemption code on your "thank you" page in order to track redemptions via Privy (Optional but recommended) 

7. Customize the reminder email

Note that after a consumer "claims the offer, we'll present them with the promo code and drive them to check out immediately. 

An example of what a customer will see after "claiming the offer". They'll see the promo code and be able to click the link to checkout directly.

In case they do not redeem the offer immediately we'll send them a reminder email that will include both the promo code and the checkout link automatically. Under the free plan, the styling and format of this email is our default style. If you'd like to customize the look and feel of the confirmation email, you can do so after upgrading to either our plus or optimizer plan.

If the redemption code is installed on your thank you page, then you'll be able to track redemptions in real time inside your Privy dashboard.

Were you looking for instructions on how to run an in-store offer? If so, click here.

Email List Growth Spotlight: How a small e-commerce site added hundreds of new emails in one month

Online cycling clothes store based in the United Kingdom.

Online cycling clothes store based in the United Kingdom.

Wanting to grow their email list and drive e-commerce transactions, this e-commerce company registered Privy and converted their website traffic into 130 new emails and 54 new customers within the first month.


1. They registered for Privy and installed the widget on their website.

2.  They used the Privy website widget editor to create and publish a small offer encouraging people to subscribe to their email list.

Choose the position, color, and content of your own pop-up widget. Privy also makes it easy to link in-store or online redeemable offers to further encourage email sign-ups!

3. Consumers use their email to claim the offers and the marketers can watch the magic happen!

                   Privy's pop-up image is easily viewable and doesn't block website content.

                   Privy's pop-up image is easily viewable and doesn't block website content.

Privy's pop-up widgets are easy, quick, and help both the company and their customers. When a consumer clicks on the widget, it prompts them for their email and keeps them on the website.

Who wouldn't subscribe for an easy offer like that!

Privy also provides this e-commerce marketer with a real-time snapshots of key metrics like database growth and conversions rates. Privy makes it easy to track the company's success and figure out the most effective ways to grow.