Privy helps Bruegger's Bagels achieve record email list growth and sales [case study]

As a long time customer of Bruegger's Bagels, it's been amazing to begin working with their talented, forward thinking marketing team. The results from their first two months using the Privy platform have been absolutely incredible. Already, we've helped them increase their email acquisition rate 12X as compared to historical efforts. And, since rolling Privy out at the national level to their 300 retail locations,  they've acquired over 45,000 new emails, and driven over 30,000 of those customers in-store.

Bruegger's is seeing major success incorporating Privy into a diverse set of marketing initiatives including:

  • Geotargeted grand opening campaigns
  • Nationwide promotions
  • Brand awareness programs
  • Customer service appeasement efforts
"After running our first campaign using the Privy platform, we were amazed at how many emails we were acquiring in just the first few days. We added over 45,000 new emails to our eClub. Before Privy, that would have taken us at least 2 years to accomplish. The software was operationally smooth and simple to roll out across all 300 of our retail locations and digital marketing assets".  
- Holly Ryan, Digital Marketing Manager at Bruegger's Bagels 


For the full case study, please click below.

Privy welcomes Peter Cai to the engineering squad

Like most people, Privy loves rockstars.  And we love working with amazing engineers.  So we hit the jackpot and welcome Peter Cai to the Privy team. Peter is an engineer and a rockstar.

Peter Cai's picture from LinkedIn, where he has successfully maintained a membership for several years. 

Peter Cai's picture from LinkedIn, where he has successfully maintained a membership for several years. 

Before Privy, Peter spent several years at Microsoft near the headquarters of the defeated Seattle Seahawks. Peter also worked in several small startups including Localocracy (acquired by Huffington Post) and a local online music sharing platform.

We asked Peter his thoughts on joining Privy, and here is what he had to say:

"Privy is uniquely poised to help businesses understand the levers that drive offline sales, and has a proven product that is loved by customers. With its impressive client list and clear vision for the local marketing space, Privy's future is nothing short of exciting. I'm proud to be joining a winning team with an impressive track record and an unwavering commitment to delivering on big promises."

In his spare time, Peter enjoys commuting to work and catching up with local politicians on Beacon HIll.   He’s a Boston native and Ruby on Rails guru.  Welcome Peter! 

4 starter tips for restaurant email marketing success

Privy helps hundreds of restaurants grow their email list and convert their online audience to loyal in-store customers.


Here are some of the best practices we’ve seen for effective email marketing for restaurants:

1. ABC: Always Be Collecting!

Be aggressive and creative about when you ask a customer for their email address.  Should you have an email list signup visible on your website? Absolutely.  You should also link to an email signup page from your social media accounts.  And collect an email address when a customer calls to make a reservation.  Lastly, don’t lose in-person opportunities to collect email addresses - such as on your restaurant’s waiting list, or even through an iPad app at the point-of-sale register.

2. Birthday offers via email
One tactic that we see across many restaurants is birthday offers.  When interacting with a customer and collecting their email address, ask for their birthday - or even ask them via email as a follow up.  You can then run specific email campaigns to go out to people only on their birthday (email software like Mailchimp easily enables this) with a special, limited time birthday offer to get them into your restaurant on their special day.

3.  Be local and personal
You should understand who your customers are and send them content that is relevant to them. For example, if you have a Boston restaurant and its the insane snowpocalpyse of 2015, it may be nice to send a message out to your list to let them know whether you are open or closed during the snow storms.  And perhaps you want to offer them a special incentive to come in during bad weather.  Or if you are in the suburbs, perhaps you want to offer a special in honor of the local little league team’s state championship.

4. Don’t overload the inbox!
While sending email to your list may feel like a cash register that you can ring up at any time to generate sales, the truth is that these are real people and they can easily ignore your emails (or even unsubscribe!).  So be sensitive and don’t email them more than you’d want to hear from any other business.  If most customers visit you once per month, then there is no reason to email them more than 1-2 times per month.  If you email them daily, you may never see or hear from them again.

For restaurants that are looking to grow their email list, try Privy's free "grow my email list" widget that you can install on your website to start collecting email addresses. 

How to setup a Call-to-Action Button on your Facebook page

Recently, Facebook launched a "Call-to-Action" button for facebook page admins. This means that as a page administrator, you now have the capability to customize a button on your timeline photo, driving visitors to take whatever action you deem appropriate. Here's an example of pizza hut's CTA, driving you to order online.

Despite the decrease in engagement on your actual page (come on, we all know the newsfeed is the sweet spot), you could certainly argue that the traffic that does actually make it to your page is super high intent. You should consider driving them to an acquisition oriented offer (for ideas, check out our previous post on the anatomy of a long running offer), or directly to an ecommerce checkout opportunity.

Here's how to create your own CTA on your Facebook page in 2 minutes or less:

1. Visit your FB page logged in as the admin. Click the CTA button next to the "like" button.

2. Choose from the display text options (consider "sign up") and enter the destination URL (offer landing page).

3. Decide where to send mobile users (landing page or app)

4. Done. Now you can see all sign ups (aka "clicks") on the right side of the page


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3 easy ways to grow your email list from Tumblr

Tumblr is a clear leader when it comes to content creation and sharing on the social web.  Every day, millions of individuals share content, images, thoughts, and more on the Tumblr platform.  

Many Tumblr users are focused on running a business - that business could be blogging, fashion, news, humor, or anything else.  But Tumblr is an easy way for the business to publish content related to their brand. 

So as a business, how do you grow your email list from Tumblr so you can communicate with your most interested readers via email?

Here are three tips on how to grow your email list on Tumblr using Privy.

1. Install the Privy "grow my email list" widget.

This is a super easy way to start growing your email list.  With a simple line of javascript code in the template of your Tumblr account, you can create a customizable widget and place it wherever you want on the page.  You can use this widget to make it easy for any reader to provide you their email address which you can then sync with your email marketing platform.

2. Provide an incentive to join your email list

When a user comes to your site, you have a short time window to get them interested in signing up for your email list.  Give them an incentive to join so you don't lose them during that short moment.  While a simple message such as "Join My Email List" is fine, we see much more creative messages having much better email conversion rates.  For example, "Join My List and Get a Coupon," "Get a free consultation when you sign up", or "Get exclusive content not available on my blog" all are great messages that give a user a reason to take that extra step of providing their email address.

3.  Personalize your request!

Don't be boring! Just like your Tumblr page reflects your personality and the brand of your business, the messaging in your email sign up request should reflect that as well. Here are two simple yet relevant messages that have worked well for Privy users and increase the conversion rate of new emails:

"Marketing Hacks and More" - Ideometry, a marketing agency

"Where can I grab a Scoopsies?" - Scoopsies Ice Cream

What are you doing to grow your email list from Tumblr?  And if you haven't already, sign up for the free Privy "grow my email list" widget to get started. 


Facebook Launches Hyper-Local Advertising to Reach customers in a Radius Around your Business

With effective advertising, targeting is everything. And with Facebook's massive mobile adoption, they're rolling out a powerful new advertising product for retail businesses. It's called "Local Awareness Ads". We highly recommend you give it a shot.

Here's how it works:

  1. Enter your business address

  2. Choose a budget

  3. Choose a distance around your business

  4. Upload some compelling text and a photo 

And just like that, you've got yourself a highly targeted ad around your storefront. Super simple, and available to local business owner or multi-unit marketer. You can even choose the right call to action to match your needs (get directions, sign up for an offer, learn more, etc).

You can do similar without paying for any ads, as we discussed earlier, but this new ad product enables you to center around your physical business address, not just specific zip codes. This is a pretty unique opportunity. If you want our help executing these campaigns, and connecting them to your Privy campaigns, don't hesitate to reach out.

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Retail continues to shift budgets to digital: $12B in 2015

In 2014, retailers in the US spent over $11 Billion dollars on digital ads. Considering ecommerce represents ~6% of retail, thats a significant amount of money spent to drive foot traffic into brick and mortar retail stores.

eMarketer data highlighting US retailer digital ad spend and growth.

And the trend is only growing, as more retail brands shift their budgets from traditional media to digital media, eMarketer estimates that by 2018, retailers in the US will be spending over $17 Billion on digital ads. 

For the full report, click here.

Privy welcomes Dan Scudder as VP Business Development

2014 was a great year for us.  We're now helping over 900 retail locations drive and measure in-store transactions from their web footprint across social, search, organic website traffic, and more. We're successfully enabling retailers such as Hard Rock Cafe, Bruegger's and Darden Brands grow their email lists and managed just under 1 million transactions last year. Additionally, towards the end of 2014, we announced the launch of our free website widget that makes it easy for any marketer to start collecting emails from their web visitors and linking that data back with their email service provider.

To that end, we'd like to welcome Dan Scudder as Privy's VP of Business Development.  Dan was previously a co-founder and VP Business Development at LiveRamp, the leading data onboarding platform which was acquired by Acxiom in May 2014. As a graduate of Babson College, Dan is a Boston guy through and through, which is why we're excited to have him back from New York. Dan will be focused on enterprise strategy, sales, and partnerships in the marketing technology ecosystem.

Dan Scudder. VP Business Development at  

Dan Scudder. VP Business Development at

We asked Dan about why he joined Privy:

"Privy has a unique opportunity to help retailers that are increasingly focused on driving and measuring omnichannel sales.  As the online and offline marketing worlds converge, Privy's technology is already helping retailers better straddle the cross-channel marketing divide and there are a plethora of partner integrations on the Privy roadmap that will be exciting to talk more about in the near future.  Additionally, the Privy team is super entrepreneurial, savvy, and motivated to build a great long-term business".

Welcome, Dan. 2015 is going to be a big year for us.



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How to hack marketing automation for free using Mailchimp and Privy

“Marketing automation” has become one of the most popular terms in digital marketing, especially related to email.   Marketing automation is primarily about (drum roll…)... automating the basics of the marketing process.   

A key capability within the marketing automation process is acquiring new email addresses from people who visit your website, and then delivering relevant content to these new email subscribers to keep them engaged with your brand and your message.

How do you hack marketing automation with Mailchimp and Privy?

To start, create a new list in Mailchimp.  For example, you can call it “Testing List”.


Mailchimp has a robust and easy to use “Automation” feature. Setup a new automation workflow within Mailchimp that goes to the “Testing List” you just created.  An easy email template to start with is a welcome message that is sent out right away when a new subscriber is added to the list. You can then also do things like send a coupon code three days later, and a reminder about the coupon code a few days after that, and so forth.  Or perhaps you want to share with them a helpful research paper several days after signing up.  All of this is possible and customizable with Mailchimp’s automation.

Last, you’ll need to connect Privy to Mailchimp. The Privy email collection website widget has a simple feature that allows you to auto-sync new email addresses with any Mailchimp list in your Mailchimp account.  As new people sign up for your email list - either by subscribing from the Privy widget on your website or via a landing page you shared that is powered by Privy - you can automatically have them added to an email list you’ve created within Mailchimp by logging into your Privy dashboard, linking your Mailchimp account, and then turning on auto-sync and specifying the list.


Now, with Privy’s auto-sync turned on and feeding directly into your Mailchimp list, and the automation email sequence setup within Mailchimp to go to new email subscribers on a specified timeline, you have successfully hacked a basic marketing automation sequence using Privy & Mailchimp! You can now sit back and watch the machine work its magic, as new email signups are automatically communicated with by the system.

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Automatically Sync Your Contacts With Your Email Service Provider!

Yet another new, much-requested feature is here: auto-syncing! You can now automatically sync the new contacts you get through your Privy campaigns with your ESP. We currently support MailChimp, Constant Contact, and AWeber integrations, but stay tuned as we have plans to add more soon!

There are several steps to setting up auto-syncing for your campaigns. First, you need to connect Privy to your email service provider account. To do this, visit your Linked Accounts page under settings and add the account you wish to sync with.

Once you've linked your account, you'll notice a new auto-sync section where you can select the account you just added:


Now that you've set up your account, you can enable auto-syncing for each of the campaigns you want to sync with your ESP. Once enabled, all new contacts from those campaigns will end up in your designated mailing list automatically!

If you visit your campaigns page and open up the "Contacts" tab of any campaign, you'll notice the new auto-sync controls:


Here you can select the list to which you wish to send new contacts and enable or disable auto-syncing for the campaign. Different campaigns can sync with different lists. You can also auto-sync all contacts from all campaigns into a single list by clicking the "All Contacts" button (it's big and blue and has a mail icon on it) and enabling auto-sync from there.

We hope this new feature will make your job as a marketer a bit easier. If you have other ideas on how Privy can make your life easier, or you just need help setting up auto-sync, feel free to send us an email at We'd love to hear your feedback!

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Privy Widget Update: Convert More Website Traffic

We just added a new feature to our beta designed to help you convert even more of those high-intent website visitors.

Now, you can set your website widget to automatically open up after a set period of time.  When you are editing a campaign, just click on Customize Website Widget:

After you click on a widget tab style that you like, you'll notice that there are two new fields: Automatic Show and Set Delay (Seconds).  Just check the box to enable the timer and then select how long you want to wait until it automatically opens:

Just another way to make it easy for you to grab the attention of your website visitors and turn them into long time, loyal email subscribers.

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