Privy featured in the AWeber Podcast

We were flattered when our partners at AWeber reached out, inviting us on their podcast about email marketing. If you don't regularly listen in, definitely check out AWeber's "Ask me about Email Marketing" Podcast.

In this episode, our founder, Ben Jabbawy, and podcast host Tom Tate, dive into the data around how to grow your email list.

Click below to listen to the full podcast.

[New Feature] Copy campaign button

You've worked hard to design gorgeous popups and build great looking campaigns, with all the right settings. Kudos. But no you want to run your next campaign need to start from scratch? Never again! Today we launched the "copy" campaign button, and we're excited to put it in your hands.

Next time you want to run a campaign, try the copy button, which will make an exact replica of your first campaign as a draft campaign under the inactive tab.

When you click "copy campaign", Privy does the following:

  1. Form and email sync settings copy over
  2. Display types, designs and targeting copy over
  3. Autoresponders copy over
To find the draft copy, head to Campaigns > inactive and look for the draft

To find the draft copy, head to Campaigns > inactive and look for the draft

After copying an old campaign to a draft, we recommend walking through each section, and making updates as necessary, just to be sure everything is up to date. 

[webinar recording] New Campaign builder

In this 30 minute webinar, we walk through our newly revamped campaign builder

Privy user Trobo closes deal on Shark Tank!

Congrats to Trobo, the storytelling robot, on closing an incredible deal on Shark Tank last week. 

Founders Chris Harden and Jeremy Scheinberg pitched the sharks on their incredible educational toy robot and content concept. 

And after a grueling few minutes, they ended up successfully closing their financing with one of the sharks. 

We were also happy to see they doubled their email list in a matter of hours!

Congrats, Trobo!

Grow your Soundest email list with Privy

We're excited to release our brand new integration with the Soundest Ecommerce Email Marketing platform.

With the launch of our Soundest integration, we now offer an easy way to sync all newly acquired email contacts from Privy, directly into the Soundest list of your choice.

Getting started with Privy is easy. You can use our website banners and exit intent popups to grow your subscriber list, or our landing page tool to convert paid and social traffic. 

To automatically sync new emails to your Soundest account, here's what to do.

1. Head to settings & authenticate your Soundest account.

2. Create and publish a Privy email acquisition campaign.

3. Select the Soundest list to keep in sync.

Are you a Soundest user looking to grow your email list? Learn more about our integration and create your Privy account here.

[webinar recording] Email conversion data

In this video we walk through the data from our recent report on the state of email capture.



[Data Set] Email Opt-ins by time on site

Many marketers ask, "Should I display my popup immediately, or after a delay"? Certainly, data around conversion rate by time delay are impacted by other factors like campaign content, but we did take a horizontal view across 5,000+ campaigns, and 50 million data points to examine if there was any measurable difference in the effectiveness of various time delays: 

  • Displaying your campaign immediately (within 3 seconds of page load), or displaying at 15-30 seconds is optimal for conversions.
  • Displaying the campaign at 5-10 seconds is interrupting a user flow, and does not convert as well.
  • And triggering campaigns after 30 seconds performs worst.

The key takeaway is that as a marketer you either want to capture visitor attention immediately, likely using a compelling first time offer, or waiting until the user digs deeper into your site between 15-30 seconds.

Interested in more email list growth data like this? Register below and we'll notify you when we launch our upcoming data set on the state of email list growth:

[Data Set] Popup, Banner, or Bar? The Impact of Display Type on Email List Growth

Marketers love to A/B test campaign creative, yet for the most part the tests are restricted to a single display type. We looked at 100 million datapoints across the three most popular form display types to examine which performs best. First let's understand each display type:

  1. Popup: Likely does not need explanation. Popups, also known as lightboxes, typically display in the center of the website, or sometimes as "fly outs" in the corner.
  2. Bar: A full width bar that typically sits either on top of your site, or at the bottom.
  3. Banner: A more subtle interaction that sits at the top or bottom of a site, but starts in a "hidden" state until triggered, then rolls in to sight.

The banner style outperforms both the popup and email bar. It's easy for site visitors to get frustrated by a popup, and immediately close it down. We've also noticed that email bars are perhaps a bit too subtle, and it's easy for visitors to glance over them entirely, similarly to a traditional embedded form.

Interested in more data like this? Register below to be notified when we release the full report on the state of email list growth in 2016.

[New Feature] Customize redemption email design

If you're currently using Privy to run offer backed campaigns, you may be interested in checking out our new features around customizing the redemption email designs.

On our top tier plans, you can now enable/disable redemption emails, as well as customize their look and feel to better match your brand.

Easily include campaign data like customer name, after sign up links, redemption links and more.