Twitter [twit-er] Dictionary:

Tweet (n) [tweet]:  A message or a statement delivered by a user (your small business) in 140 characters or less often followed by a “hashtag” #twitter.

Although 140 characters does not seem like enough ground to leave a mark, when done frequently and correctly, Tweeting can be one of the most alluring and successful ways for small businesses to market to their consumers.

Handle: (n) [han-dl]: Your name in the Twitter world. Always prefixed with a “@”, for example @GetPrivy.

Follow: (n) [fol-oh]: Adding someone to your list of people whose Tweets you read. When you follow someone, this does not require him or her to follow you, although when they are notified that you are following them, they are given the choice to follow you in return. The more people you follow, the more you will be suggested as “Who To Follow”, so try to Follow back your followers.

ReTweet (n) (v) [re-tweet]: ReTweeting is taking a Tweet you see in your Twitter Feed and redistributing it to your followers, who may not be followers of the original Tweet-er. This is a great example of the echo effect—integrating and engaging users. The ReTweeted Tweet will appear from the original Tweet-er followed by the phrased “ReTweeted by @yoursmallbusiness”. Showing that you are active on Twitter through ReTweeting will make your customers confident in your technological and marketing skills.

@Mention: (n) (v)[men-shuhn]: In order to tag someone in a Tweet, you will need to enter his or her Handle, which is also known as “@mention”. This notifies the user that they are being called upon in your Tweet. Incorporating @Mentions into your Tweets is extremely important. This creates a direct conversation between you and another user (hopefully a customer). As mentioned, creating a conversation is the number one best tool for any marketing campaign. By @Mention-ing other businesses (in a positive way, always) encourages others to do the same for you, increasing you presence and relevance on Twitter.

Great businesses Twitters are: @nakedpizzabos, @starbucks, etc.

Hashtag: (n) (v) [hash-tag]: A practice of classifying the topic or tone of your Tweet by prefixing it with a “#”. By using these “hashtags” users can read Tweets on a common subject or area of interest.   For example: @GetPrivy is so excited about our new office space #masschallenge. By clicking on the “#masschallenge” the user can read all the Tweets with this shared “hashtag” regarding this topic.

Twitter seems to be one of the more complicated social marketing tools. By simple definition Twitter is a microblogging website which allows their users to deliver short and frequent messages to their followers. These messages are excellent tools to create sound bites for your customer, and your small business is automatically given a voice and a personality rather than a label. 

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