Blogging 101 for Small Businesses

Blogging is a virtual platform that allows one to post content to a webpage.  Stemming from a simple means of publication, blogging has become an irreplaceable and volatile staple in online marketing. Blogging allows for a conversation between you, the merchant, and your consumers. While as a merchant you may experience difficulty creating a distinct image through your product, through a blog you give yourself an unmistakable personality, while also updating and making yourself a useful and relevant resource to your customer.

Taking the first leap into blogging may be intimidating, so we have some starter tips:

1.Keep an eye on a relevant groups or blog - You can learn a lot by example. A company blog isn’t there to simply sell your product—it’s to introduce your knowledge of the industry to your consumer. You should read up on current breakthroughs within the industry and see what you have to say about it. Some excellent blog search engines are Bloglines or Google Reader.

2.Participate through comments - The bottom line of all online marketing is constant conversation. When you read a blog from a similar merchant that you find interesting, do not hesitate to leave your remark! By doing so you are expressing your enthusiasm as well as marking your presence in the blogosphere.

3.Create your own - Just do it. Although for some small business owners it may seem like a waste of time, adding a blog emphasizes your knowledge of technology and proves you are an adaptable and volatile business.

4.  Be Creative -Blog hosting sites such as Flickr and Tumblr are awesome for sharing images. Wordpress and Blogger are excellent for text heavy blogs. Find your niche within blogging, whether it is uploading a fun recipe from your restaurant with pictures of your happy customers eating it, or informational newsworthy articles about your latest offer. The beauty of the blog is that it doesn’t have boundaries, and is the easiest platform for your business to express itself.

Blogging is a fun, inexpensive and  feasible way to get noticed within your own industry. By creating a voice through blogging, you are creating an image and personality that your client can easily identify you with. Most successful small business blogs update their feed at least once a week. 

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