Website built... Check! But what now?

As an owner or manager of a small business, the web can seem like a dark abyss- daunting and unnavigable.  For many, creating an online platform stops at building a website, but in reality that’s only the beginning.  Your website is your best shot to make a strong first impression.  It is your online storefront.  You pour your heart and soul (not to mention your wallet) into creating the perfect ambiance for your restaurant, or shop or salon.  You’re constantly recreating your window display, updating your daily specials board and primping your sales staff.  And yet, so often leave your website by the wayside to collect cobwebs.  What gives? The truth is, your site needs the same TLC as your physical storefront!  To actually leverage your web presence, you need to be committed to ensuring that your customers and potential customers have as pleasant and enjoyable an experience on your website as possible!  If someone’s browsing your site, shouldn’t you be doing everything in your power to close a sale or at least develop a relationship?  We certainly think so and are committed to making that process simple, educational and fun for owners and operators of SMBs!

Website built...check!  But what now?

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