Embrace the Mobile Web for your Small Business

My friends and I have been jonesing to check out this buzzed about restaurant in Cambridge. While we wait for the T, I whip out my iPhone, and 4 clicks and 30 seconds later, I have a reservation and all the information I may need about this new dig. While cruising their mobile site I also Tweeted at this eatery and tagged all those in my party.  So now, this joint not only has me as a satisfied customer (before I even walk in the door), but also has me doing publicity for them!

Pretty impressive, right? I’d love to say that mobile marketing is optional, but with the rise of phones smarter than people, it’s looking like just the next step in the game. Fortunately, this may be one of the easiest tools to acquire for your small business. Most phones with browsers can access your website, but with different types of codes and web designs, your webpage may look jumbled and confusing on a handheld screen.

Once you get your mobile site up and running make sure it has these four components front and center:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Business Hours
  3. Location and Directions
  4. Social Media
  5. Last but not least, the promotional hook

The first three are typical customer needs, and they’ll be grateful they don’t’ have to dig to find it. The social links are a quick way for your prospective customer to connect with you in a fun way—it also shows you know your stuff. 

If you take a minute to think qualitatively about mobile search, the level of consumer intent is high. Why not offer a promotion directly through your mobile site, as a way to really grab their attention, and bring them in to your business? We call this the hook :)

We’d be happy to help you with any mobile website needs.

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