Every Business' Website Should Include Calls To Action

Twitter —> Join today.

Google+ —> Find out more.

Facebook —> Stay connected.

There are certain combinations of words the human ear hears, or eyes see, that trigger an urgency to comply. This is the call to action. Working with promotions for your awesome business, you’re asking your audience to follow your bread crumbs and see what you have to offer. But calls to action are not just reserved for technology companies! Small businesses should be using them to encourage visits, signups, or social sharing to help your business grow. Below are some ideas on how to make a compelling and inviting call to action.

Use verbs! Seems pretty simple, but sometimes it slips our mind. Even something as easy as changing “contact info” to “call us” gives a more friendly tone to your business.

What’s in it for them? After all, your client is on your site because they like what you have to offer, so show them you’re looking out for their benefit.

Taylor your CTAs to your customers lingo and personality.

Don’t be a second rate version of…everyone else. Be a first rate version of yourself. Here are some call to actions to stay away from:

  • Contact us
  • Learn more here
  • Subscribe here
  • Buy now

There’s nothing wrong with saying all of the above, but it’s not what you say—its how you say it.

  • Contact us = call us up!
  • Learn more here = more food for thought!
  • Subscribe here = keep up with us!
  • Buy now = get your very own!

 For more information, check out this great reference by our friends over at Hubspot.

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