Get Privy for the Holidays

This is edition one of The Privy Holiday Help Guide.  For a small business owner, the period spanning November to January is a time of flurried activity.   In fact, holiday sales usually represent half of yearly sales for a merchant.  So then I guess its no mystery why this time of year is also the single most stressful time for a small business owner.  Especially nowadays, with the evolution of technology and social media, the holiday season can be downright overwhelming for a business owner.  At Privy, we want to help ease your burden and bring a little of the joy back into your holidays.    

Let’s start with the basics. 

Promotions have changed.  Drastically.  It is no longer the SMB offering the largest discount that wins; in fact, he usually loses.  The key to a good promotion today is ENGAGEMENT!  There several levels of engagement that you need to assess as a small business:   

Awareness- how many eyes can you get on your promotion?

Interest- how many of those people will give it a second thought?

Action- how many of those people are going to get involved?     

Privy offers a completely customizable promotions platform through which you can engage your audience and turn them into customers.  Whether you’re seeking to offer a special thanksgiving pre-fixe menu, sell tickets to your annual holiday party, or run a pre-Black Friday sale, Privy gives you the tools to create your very own promotion.  After all, you know what’s best for your business.  You set the terms.  You decide how long the promotion is live.  You can cap the number of buyers.  You can limit purchases to one per customer.  You can even decide how your promotion will appear on your website.  And we’re there to help every step of the way to help with valuable insights and clever suggestions.  So this holiday season, don’t get left in the dark.  Stay tuned for more great tips on how to optimize your online presence for the best holiday season to date!

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