Google+ and Your Small Business: Part 2

Back in August we introduced you guys to the new hot button in the social media game, Google+. Well over the summer the folks at Google were still cooking up the concept of business pages for the new social network, but now, it’s finally a reality! So here’s our takeaway on this fun feature and why your small business should hop on the bandwagon.

Why Google+ gives you an edge: 

Video-chat capabilities: unlike other social media networks, Google+ allows you to have a face-to-face connection even if it’s screen-to-screen.  Dennis Troper, the Product Management Director of Google+ Pages says that this network is here to “help you make the same kinds of lasting connection with your customers online, the way you can in real life.”

How to set up your Google+ account:

Simple! Just connect it through your Gmail email, and if you don’t have one—get on that!

Tips, Tricks, and Facts

Click Click Click with my Camera: Since Google+ is really image-friendly, wallpaper your page with photos! This is a great way for your customers to feel connected to your personality. Much more than they would be with a tri-fold take-out menu….

We’re all in this together: Google+ allows you to recommend other pages, blogs, even airline deal sites, and is a great platform for you to recommend other local small businesses. This show of camaraderie is a great way to broaden your circle as well as appear inviting and involved.

The Small Business that Could:  Google+ is connected to Google Analytics, which allows you to track your unique visitors and site traffic. Hubspot analyzed that sites using Google+ get far more visits than pages that don’t. Track your growth!

To Each His Own: Probably the coolest feature of Google+ is the ability to segment your message to certain audiences. Each “circle” can receive specific information tailored to their taste/loyalty/what have you. Take advantage of this! This will establish a great connection between you and your customers.

And of course, don’t forget to point to your Google+ page from your webpage right next to your Facebook and Twitter buttons! 

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