The Name of the Game is Social Media

The name of the game is social media, and the game is sharp, quick, and competitive. To stay on the cutting edge of media, you need to keep your customers on the edge of their seats.

 This awesome article on Mashable explains the “7 ways to create memorable customer experiences with social media.” Here are some key take-aways:

1. Chit chat with folks

The art of conversation is becoming a science—give your customers a platform to talk and embrace what they have to say—they’ll appreciate it.

2. Don’t leave Twitter at the door

Social media is a great tool to compliment your products. Don’t forget about it once you log out.

3. Salute the patrons

Appreciate those who appreciate you!

4. Be the first

Start the convo—striking up the dialogue will lend to more positive reviews rather than complaints.

5. Be a giver

Reward your customers, who doesn’t love a gift?

6. Give them something to talk about

Anything new happen? Tell them! Give yourself a personality that’s easily recognized.

7. Stand out

Your small business is one of a kind, make sure your social media reflects the unique entity that you are.

Happy tweeting, Everyone!

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