The Power of Thank You

As a small business owner, you spend a lot of time feeling like an underdog.   It’s harder to access resources, it’s harder to negotiate costs with distributors, it’s harder to find customers, and it’s hard doing it all yourself.   What you may not realize is that big guys envy you.  That’s right- you!  There are several distinct advantages to running a small business and number one on that list is relationship building with your customers.

You know Jerry’s order before he’s even in the door.  You know to call Maria as soon as the newest shipment of designer boots is delivered.  You know to let Cara make a last minute addition to her reservation, because you’ve gotten more referrals from her than any other customer!  And Jerry, Maria, and Cara- they love you for that.  You see your customers every day.  You know them, as real people, and the big guys can do all the market research they want, but they’ll never have that personal connection.  That is an invaluable distinction. 

This Thanksgiving, find a way to thank your loyal customers.  Whether that’s a special discount or a simple thank you note, don’t miss a perfect opportunity to show your customers just how much they mean to you.  Your customers are your very best spokespeople.  In fact, cultivating your relationships with your loyal customers is the single best way to grow your business.

Here’s a list of Privy approved ideas for inspiration, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

  • Send a special email promotion to your top customers
  • Craft personal thank-you notes for your best customers- bonus points for personalization.  Double bonus points for hand written J
  • Hold a holiday event: offer special sales on items or champagne or goodie bags for guests.  Whatever it may be, people love gifts!
  • Get your staff in the spirit!  A happy work staff is directly linked to customer satisfaction, so take good care of your employees this Thanksgiving
  • Thank your clients by giving to a charity (i.e. for every purchase over $30, you send $5 to Pine Street Inn for their Thanksgiving meal)

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