"Brand" New Twitter

Brand new Twitter (get it…)

So here comes another fun new innovation in the social media world that will make your small business marketing a little more exciting. Twitter is now launching special pages for brands. Not sure how that’s different from a regular Twitter handle? Well, it’s kind of how a Facebook page for your company is different than your personal page. The design is a little different, and there’s a lot of more room for information and goodies.

This is awesome news! You can now make your page super interactive, which will likely boost your activity on Twitter because it’ll be more natural to reply, message and interact rather than one small box for text begging you to deliver something incredibly witty, interactive and compelling in 140 characters. The layout also is going to let you customize more content, allowing you to have personalized logos, borders, and taglines that stand out.

The new layout will let you compartmentalize your replies and mentions making Twitter less of a mess and more of a playground.

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