New Feature: Mobile-only promotion redemptions

Here’s a quick survey for all of you. How many of you have run a promotion for your business, and just been overwhelmed with the paperwork, confirmation emails, and vouchers associated with handling in-store redemptions? Depending on what kind of business you operate, this can be a nightmare, and we recognize that. Imagine running an online promotion that didn’t require your business to shuffle papers or coupons in order to fulfill redemptions. You might be wondering, “How is that even possible”?

And poof! We proudly present “mobile only redemptions” as yet another added benefit of using Privy to run your own online promotions. Simply toggle this option from within your offer creation dashboard, along with any of the other typical restrictions, and forget about collecting vouchers from here on out. Once in effect, anyone who is interested in your promotion is required to use their internet enabled mobile device when redeeming the offer. Depending on your network and the intended audience, this might be a perfect fit, but be careful not to alienate any potential customers by not offering printed vouchers.


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