New Feature: Running Simultaneous Promotions with Privy

We recently rolled out a bunch of significant improvements to our product. Kudos to Josh, i.e our engineering team, for an incredible job. While most of the changes are apparent in the merchant dashboard, I did want to specifically call your attention to one awesome new feature.

Drumroll, please…

You can now run multiple simultaneous offers for your business. 

So here’s the deal. As you begin to run your own promotions, it becomes increasingly important to track and understand performance. You’ll likely have many ideas of what promotion you want to run your first time, and now, you can actually run two, three or more at the same time. This lets you directly compare the success of one promotion to another, as a way to optimize and understand which promotions are best for *YOUR* business. Our goal is to help you become the promotional marketing expert for your small business, and having the ability to run simultaneous offers will make your jobs much easier.

Remember, creating a promotion with Privy only takes a few clicks so we highly recommend testing out various promotions against each other. This will help you learn and improve faster. If you need any help or suggestions along the way, never hesitate to contact us!

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