Privy Merchant Spotlight

You know the owner of your “go-to” local bakery, who throws in a surprise delicious treat every other time you visit?  What about the salon owner you’ve been with for 10 years, who squeezed in your appointment last minute because she knew you had your big interview coming up?  This connection - the personal bond between business and client - is what makes small businesses so awesome, and the envy of corporate America.   Businesses love great clients, clients love to feel special, and we love to facilitate that relationship. 

But, nowadays, that is no easy task.   Often, when it comes time for a haircut, you’re stuck reading Yelp reviews for 150 salons within a 10-mile radius or scouring daily deal emails for the best value.  Shouldn’t there be a better way?  

We think so!  That’s why we’re rolling out the Privy Merchant Spotlight, a brand new program designed to give a behind the scenes look at some of the very best local merchants Boston has to offer.  For the past six months or so, we’ve spent our weeks talking with local merchants, and we’ve been delighted by listening to their stories.  The Privy Merchant Spotlight is designed to bring these stories to life.  Whether you want to hear how your favorite boutique got its start, or why the café down the street is so committed to local, sustainable agriculture, we want to give you an avenue to learn more about the businesses that drive Boston, and the amazing people who drive those businesses.

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