Tired of Lame Resolutions?

This year instead of New Year’s resolution, try setting a New Year’s goal.  Set a measurable challenge for your small business within a positive framework.  Define incremental, achievable landmarks along the way.  Reward yourself when you reach those landmarks, and if you fall short, just reassess, re-adjust, and get back on the horse.  

According to the Huffington Post, the number one new years resolution for 57% of small businesses is to expand their social media to gain more customers in 2012.  That’s exactly the type of broad, nebulous resolution that gets forgotten and ultimately leaves you feeling like a failure.  If you’re a part of that 57%, though, don’t give up hope! Instead of setting yourself up for failure, set tangible goals inspired by that resolution:

  1. Spend 6 hours a week on social media (email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, blog, research)- Six is the magic number for optimal results! 
  2. Add 500 names to your email database.    
  3. Get 300 new Facebook fans and 200 new followers on Twitter…and keep them! Over 60% of your fans “Liked” your page for access to deals, so keep them engaged! 
  4. Run a new promotion every month.  
  5. Invest $X into marketing.  Decide the best way to allocate this money, whether that means giving your website a facelift, hiring a part time marketing manager, investing in SEM (search engine marketing), or treating your 100 best, most loyal customers.  
  6. Reward your loyal customers!  Acquiring new customers is EXPENSIVE.  In fact, acquiring new customers costs up to 7 times as much as retaining current customers.  So fight to keep your customers- reward them, pamper them, and they’ll bring you more, great customers than any old banner ad.  
  7. Last but not least, reward yourself!  Running a business is non-stop, gut-wrenching hard work (not like we need to tell you). Continue to challenge yourself, and set the bar high for your staff.  But, when you reach those aformentioned landmarks, reward yourself! Take a personal day, buy yourself something nice, or take the team out for a nice dinner!  

Don’t waste another year of broken resolutions. Set goals, make a plan, and stick to it. This year, 2012, will undoubtably be a groundbreaking year for small businesses making strides in social media and online marketing, so ante up and don’t get left behind. Happy New Years!    

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