Case Study: Salon Uses Privy to Run Their Own Online Prepaid Deals

Jenny and Apryl Meet World:

salon uses privy
salon uses privy to run online promotions

Meet Jenny Kisiel and Apryl Deluca, co-founders of Pure Hair Design.  Since founding Pure back in 2003, they have developed a thriving business with a list of excellent, loyal clients, despite some glaring challenges.  All you have to do is walk down Newbury Street to realize how competitive the salon market is in Boston.  In addition to the daily challenges of running a small business, salon owners like Jenny and Apryl also need to devote serious attention to developing brand and differentiating.  Needless to say, customer retention is the holy grail for success.

As savvy business owners, Jenny and Apryl realize that happy customers are the very best brand evangelists they have, and as such they take pride in ensuring a superb, customized experience for every client.  They use Facebook and Twitter to actively engage with their customers and followers.  And they use strategic email marketing campaigns to re-engage infrequent customers and reward loyalists.

Jenny and Apryl meet Privy:

When Jenny and Apryl went to run a holiday promotion this year, their main objective was to attract high quality customers without slashing their margins.  That’s why they turned to Privy for help.  As opposed to the broad, generic solutions offered by standard daily deal companies, Privy enabled them to customize a unique promotion which matches their intention and fits their business.  Finally, Jenny and Apryl were in charge!  They set their own terms, and were able to decide when and where to advertise the offer.  They could put a cap on the number of available purchases, customize text and design, and decide a time frame for the promotion.  

This meant that Jenny and Arpyl could effectively run a promotion that made them money and won them more great customers.  No more headaches from deal hunters, who refuse to leave tips and never come back.  No more discounting their product by 50% and struggling to cover margins.  No more assuaging their disgruntled employees after a daily deal left them overworked and exhausted.  Complete control.  And to top it all off, Jenny and Apryl were able to capture contact information for all purchasers, so they could turn them into repeat customers over time!

The Promotion:

  • The offer: Get 20% off a $50 Gift Certificate
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Restrictions: First time customers only 


  • Email: Jenny and Apryl crafted a short, simple email, which they shared with their database of subscribers, detailing the Privy offer and suggesting how it could make an excellent gift for first time customers
  • Facebook: Through their Privy dashboard, Jenny and Apryl were able to automatically post the promotion to their Facebook wall with just the click of a button.  (They also has the option to download the Privy Facebook app and sell promotions directly from their Facebook page)
  • Twitter: Using the Privy Dashboard, Jenny and Apryl could click to automatically tweet the promotion…

  • Website: Jenny and Apryl were able to download the Privy widget, so that the offer was embedded on their site.  A typical website converts only around 1-2% of visitors, so the Privy widget serves as a call to action used to convert a higher percentage of online visitors and drive them into Pure Hair 


Success!  In 2 weeks, Pure Hair acquired 14 new good quality leads plus their email addresses for re-marketing, and they earned $560 from 5-10 minutes of online marketing.

Some cool metrics:

  • 18.6% of website visitors looked at the promotion
  • 20.1% of the people who looked at the promotion, purchased the deal
  • 38% of offer views came from email marketing and social sharing - showing Jenny a true return on investment for her email and facebook efforts

At the end of the day, Privy provided Jenny and Apryl with a mechanism to run customizable promotions sustainably and profitably.  Furthermore, Privy enables Pure Hair to easily remarket to their new customers, building a longterm relationship and growing their business!

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