Marketing Your Small, Local Business On Facebook

Fellow small business friends and family, our topic of the day is a hot one: how to effectively advertise your business on Facebook. 

We all know that Facebook is a ripe ground for marketing - there are more than 800,000,000 people using Facebook every day.  But how do you crack the code and do it in a way that actually means growth and ROI for your small business marketing efforts.  Here we’ll outline the five primary ways to accomplish this goal and explain how to get started on each of them:

Call to action
  1. Calls to Action - did you know that each of your fans/friends, on average, has 130 friends?  That means that if you have 100 fans, your potential network is around 13,000.  The easiest way to unlock that network is to ask your fans/friends to share their network with you by giving them a reason and a call to action. For example, on Valentine’s Day you could post: “To our beloved Facebook friends - we are running a Valentine’s day special…please share our page with your friends and spread the love!”  Just simply asking for their help can be more successful than you might imagine.
  2. Promotions - naturally, though, most people like a brand or business because they expect some type of offer in exchange.  Offering a promotion to your fans makes them feel exclusive and special which in turn boosts affinity to your business - 60% of consumers like a business because they expect some type of offer.  With a promotional call to action, many of your friends will want to share this offer with their friends which grows your network.  For more on this, check out our homepage: We’d be happy to help you get started running social promotions today.
  3. Facebook Ads - Facebook has made a great platform for running advertisements.  It’s way easier than Google Adwords and is incredibly targeted.  You can, for example, run an advertisement offering a Valentine’s Bouquet for $19.99 that only gets displayed to men, ages 26-34, in zip code 02110, who are interested in New England Revolution, Coldplay, dogs and running.  If you know your customer well, you can spend a little bit of money upfront putting some Facebook ads in front of them.
  4. Content - The other way to grow your audience is to consistently post authentic, interesting pieces of information about you and your business.  This is arguably the most time consuming and the hardest to determine ROI against, but it is incredibly meaningful.  Anything you can share with your fans, especially pictures, will keep them coming back and thinking of you when talking to their friends.
  5. Facebook commerce - the best way to bridge the gap between an online visitor or facebook fan, and a real life customer is through some sort of transaction. IF you sell something from your facebook page, this is known as “facebook commerce”. For a small, local business, like a restaurant, salon or other, it may not make sense to sell and ship products from facebook. What probably makes more sense is to pre-sell promotions as your form of facebook commerce. Capture visitor attention while you have them on your facebook page, and offer them something special for coming in. 

Facebook is a powerful place and it is up to you to take advantage of it.  If you have any ideas, questions, thoughts or best practices, we’d love to hear them.  Send us a note at

Happy Marketing!

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