Smart Timeframes for your Promotions

First off, pat yourself on the back for taking matters into your own hands. Deciding to run your own promotions online is a major step, so kudos. But like anything else, running successful promotions online requires a combination of creativity and regularity. When some of our merchants start running promotions with Privy, they think:

I’ll create one promotion that I leave up on my website indefinitely, and as visitors come from google, yelp, email newsletters and more, they’ll purchase the promotions and convert into customers. 

Don’t get me wrong, we definitely have seen several merchants do this. And it certainly can work well, but there’s a lot more to running promotions for your business than simply leaving up an offer. 

What we’ve learned is that there are a few key factors that come into play that can determine the success of your promotion. Today we’ll focus on smart timeframes.

In the scenario above, a promotion that remains on your website for too long will actually get stale over time.

The time it takes to do so differs depending on your business habits but here are a few suggestions that should help you figure out a nice recipe for small business promotional success:

Consider how often you send out an email newsletter? Or how often do you update your facebook status, tweet or blog?

If you send out an email newsletter once every month, then it probably makes sense to come up with fresh promotions once a month.  If you send out a newsletter every other week, we suggest refreshing promotions on that same schedule.

Facebook and twitter updates should be a more frequent thing, so don’t feel pressure to come up with a new promotion every time you update your status.

In short, you want to train facebook fans, twitter followers, web visitors and your email subscribers to check back frequently for new promotions. You wouldn’t want an email subscriber to visit your site after you send a newsletter to see the same promotion you had up from the last newsletter, otherwise they might be less inclined to come back to your website in the future.

Good habits start early, so train your visitors to check back frequently for new promotions, and don’t let your current promotions get stale over time. Launching a new offer is the perfect excuse to send out a new email campaign, update facebook, or even write a new blog post letting visitors know when and where to check back for your promotions.

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