How To Grow and Engage Your Social Media Audience

Social Media is an explosive way to communicate with customers.  It represents your business’s community of loyal fans and is a huge opportunity to give back to the people who care about you most.  But how?  Take more pictures?  Put up more blog posts?  What we’ve learned is that it’s by rewarding them with a special promotion.

There are two main actions that any business should take to take advantage of social media:
1. Grow your audience
2. Engage your audience

Grow Your Audience 
Much has been written about how to grow your audience online.  It all happens by posting things that your audience wants to share with their friends (there’s a special little button they click for that).  By posting compelling content, like pictures, personal updates or news about your business, you keep your audience up to date and give them reason to share with their friends and a reason for those friends to become your fans. 
Bottom line: give your fans content that they want to to read and want to share with their friends

Engage Your Audience
What do you do once you have Facebook fans?  How do you get them into your store Reports have shown that the best way to turn fans into actual repeat customers is through some type of promotions: “When the CMO Council asked Facebook users in Q4 2011 about their expectations after “liking” a brand on Facebook, the top expectation (67%) was to be ‘eligible for exclusive offers.’”
The best way to engage your audience and drive them into your store is to offer them some special type of promotion.  It can be in the form of a discount, exclusive offer, special event or anything that rewards them for liking your page.  By the way, if you offer a good promotion, don’t you think your fans will want to share it - suddenly you’re growing and engaging your audience.  Powerful stuff!
Bottom line: make your fans feel special by rewarding them with something that only they can buy. 

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