How to Get More Fans for Restaurant Facebook Pages

restaurant uses Privy to run facebook promotions

As a restaurant owner or marketer, you’ve most likely already established a facebook page for your business. But that’s just the first step! Now you need to figure out a way to grow your facebook audience and entice people to actually “like” your page.

If you break it down, there’s a few ways to grow your audience:

  1. Create content that gives your fans a reason to comment, like, or share with their friends
  2. Ask loyal customers to like you on facebook when you’re interacting with them in person
  3. Include links to your social media pages on your website and within your email campaigns

In terms of some content ideas to entice sharing, commenting and likes, you should consider posting the following:

  1. Images of your food and drinks! The beauty of the restaurant business is that you’re always creating content that resonates emotionally with your guests. Take a picture of today’s special dish or cocktail and post it right to your facebook page. 
  2. Polls and surveys. Consider asking your fans what their favorite dishes are that you offer at your restaurant. This should generate some commenting that will spread to their friends.
  3. Run exclusive facebook promotions for your fans. Current market research trends show that consumers expect offers, deals or promotions when “liking” a business on facebook. This is the perfect content for them to share and will entice them to keep coming back to your page. 

Like any other online marketing initiative, the key is to be consistent. As a restaurant, you have plenty of content to be posting, so no excuses for a stale facebook page! Good luck!

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