Online Marketing Tips for Restaurants

Restaurant owners are really busy, which makes it hard to think effectively about local marketing strategies.  Good thing our friends at Street Fight Mag did the homework for you.

Here is the summary (with our commentary) of some online marketing tips from a great article about how to successfully leverage online properties to market your restaurant:

1. Build Mobile Websites - did you know that local search traffic from mobile devices is growing exponentially?  Make sure people can find you.

2. Offer A Call To Action - consumers are constantly searching and visiting your web properties. Make sure a visit to your online properties turns into a visit to your store.

3. Post Menus Online - the most common thing people search for among restaurants is menus.  Make sure yours is online and up to date.

4. Solicit Anonymous Feedback from Customers - getting feedback is really helpful to understand what people do and don’t love about your business.

5. Take Advantage of Social Media - customers who connect with you on social media are very likely to return, they just need a little reminder.  Combine this with #2 for a re-engagement home run.

For more detail on this, check out Street Fight’s article.

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