Privy Case Study: Using Promotions to Re-engage Your Email List

Crazy Dough’s Pizza

Background: Mom and pop shop? I think not…Doug and Melissa Ferriman, the owners of Crazy Doughs Pizza, may be married and they are in fact the proud mom and pop of a rambunctious, little 4 year old boy, but their operation is anything but mom and pop. They opened the first Crazy Doughs store in 1999, and have since expanded to 6 successful locations. As they continue to grow and expand their reach, the Ferrimans are resolutely devoted to maintaining the integrity of their product using only the highest quality ingredients and continuing to harp on the things that differentiate their brand.

Boston, with more colleges than any other city in America, is needless to say a hotbed for pizza shops. Differentiating is no easy task, but Doug and Melissa have succeeded in creating a truly unique brand, offering gourmet pizza by the slice at affordable prices.

As adept business owners, Doug and Melissa are huge proponents of vertical growth (i.e. building deep, engaging relationships with existing clients). Pizza is not a high-price item, so Crazy Doughs’ business relies on steady visits from repeat customers. That’s why Doug and Melissa were so excited when they heard about Privy’s promotion platform.

Privy is the perfect solution to rewarding their loyal customers and getting infrequent visitors back through the door.Since launching their first campaign three months ago, Crazy Doughs has engaged over 100 Privy customers! However, this case study will narrow in on the recent, short lived email marketing campaign that Crazy Doughs recently ran with Privy.

The promotion: Pay $12 for $20 worth of food

Email Marketing Campaign

Use Privy promotions in email campaigns

Below you’ll find some key takeaways from the email campaign. 

Crazy Dough’s email list consists of 4,000 names. Within just four days of sending out the promotion, they saw the following:

  • 47 new Facebook “likes”
  • They grew their email database by 2%
  • 43 promotion transactions which resulted in $516 in revenue for them 
  • 20% of people who viewed the offer purchased online

Kudos to Doug and Melissa for taking back control of their promotions and using their existing email database to reengage their customers. 

The promotion ended up bringing in 100+ transactions in the first four weeks, but we specifically wanted to highlight their email efforts since this is a very simple, fabulous way to extend the reach of your facebook and website promotions.

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