Best Email Marketing Practices for Restaurants

If you own or work at a restaurant, you’ve certainly wondered what the best email marketing practices are for your establishment.  The question to your question is - what are you trying to accomplish?  Are you trying to get new customers? Re-engage your existing customers? Get people to try a new dish? Sell through all that overordered fish you have? 

  • The message of your email will be related to what you’re trying to accomplish.  Regardless of what your objective is, here are some general email marketing tips that will make your email campaigns a hit:
  • Make sure your subject line reflects the content in your email.  No one likes opening surprises, so make sure people know what they’re getting.  For example, if your email is a coupon, make the subject “Special Coupon for our Friends.”  If the email is an update, make the title “Breaking Update from [Name of your Restaurant]”.
  • Get to the point.  Long emails take a long time to read, and, seeing as many people are increasingly reading emails on their phones and tablets, people don’t want to scroll through a long email.  Tell them what you need to tell them and get on with it.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words.  Images make emails fun to look at and engaging to read.  Take pictures of your dishes and include them in your emails.  People also love seeing other people so take a picture of your staff.  When it’s a sunny day out, make a photo shoot with your team and save them on your computer for a series of emails later on.
  • Don’t email blast! The worst thing you can do is send tons of emails to every different person on your list.  Try to segment your list.  Did people sign up for specials or for updates?  Did they sign up online or by dropping their card at the cash register?  The more you segment your lists, the more targeted your emails can be and the more people who will open, read and maybe share your emails.
  • Once a week. Get into a habit with sending emails.  Once a week on Mondays is a good routine.  People will start to expect your email at the same time and, if you follow the tips above, will look forward to it.

Good luck and happy emailing!

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