Facebook Tips for Restaurants

Facebook is the big, bad beast of social media.  Some of our customers have asked us to publish Facebook tips for restaurants, so we figured we’d shed some light on best practice tips.

Tip #1: It’s all about content.  Facebook’s strategy is to help you engage with your customers through stories.  Whether it is stories from you or your customers, people enjoy reading stories and tend to share stories they like.

Tip #2: Make it easy to “Like” you.  Add Facebook widgets to your website and remind your customers to “Like” you.  When you send emails, ask your customers to “Like” you on Facebook.  Print a sign to put at your cash register asking consumers to “Like” you on Facebook.  Create an insert to put in the billfold when you deliver a check that says “‘Like’ us on Facebook!”  Believe it or not, simply asking can give you solid results.

Tip #3: Give a reason to “Like.”  Great stories, great real life experience and specials are the top three reasons why people “Like” businesses and brands on Facebook.  Ask your fans to tell stories about your business.  Remember that when people come to your store and have a great experience, it will show up on Facebook.  Offer specials and deals to your existing fans to get them back in your store.

Tip #4: Be pretty!  Facebook users LOVE pictures.  Take pictures of your best dishes and post them on Facebook.  One post a week of a great image will make people love checking your page over and over again.

Tip #5: Be responsive.  If a customer posts something positive on your wall, thank them.  When someone says they want to come try a new dish that you posted a picture of (see tip #4!), invite them in.  Being present and human is a important way to connect with people on Facebook.

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