How Much Time Should You Spend on Social Media?

A big question many business owners ask is how much time they should spend each week on social media.  Before you’re able to answer this question, you have to ask yourself what you’re looking to accomplish through your use of social media.

Some businesses want to use social media to find new customers.  Others to re-engage existing customers, and some businesses use social media as a way to keep anyone who is interested up-to-date with specials, events and news.

First, decide what you’re trying to accomplish with social media.  If your goal is to get more fans, followers and website visitors, you need to spend time creating great content and inspiring your existing network to share your business with their personal networks.  This can take up to 1-3 hours per day.  For tips on what type of content to create that will inspire sharing on Facebook, see this recent post.

If your goal is to more deeply engage your existing online network, you need to decide why you want to engage them (sales, feedback, fun, etc.) and then choose activities that will accomplish that.  For example, if your goal is to boost sales, you should offer promotions to your friends, fans and followers that will get them to spend money with you (e.g. 2 Dinners for the price of 1 for you and a friend).  This can take as little as 5 minutes per week.  Consumers love feeling special and offering them a promotion that will get them in your door is an amazing way to do it!  For more

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Social Media Takes Time!