How to Use Twitter for Restaurants


A tweet a day can keep the doctor away? Yes. It’s that simple. Like any other marketing initiative, twitter is about consistent engagement. The content you share on twitter could be similar to the content you share on your restaurant facebook page, but it could also be quite different. That’s really up to you.

More and more we’re seeing restaurants linking their twitter accounts to their facebook pages and creating similar updates across both. That can certainly work well, and will likely save you some thought and time. Woohoo! 

First, some ground rules:

  • Follow anyone who follows you - remember this is your restaurant’s twitter account, not your own. You want to build a larger audience. The more the merrier.
  • Follow other restaurants in your neighborhood and city. This will subconsciously help twitter understand what your restaurant is all about. Then they’ll suggest to other twitter users who are interested in restaurants that they should follow you, since you tweet about restaurants, and follow other restaurants. 
  • Share the love. Just found out your favorite customer is on twitter? Perfect. @ message them and tell them how much you appreciate their visits.
  • Retweet relevant content about your neighborhood, other local businesses you love and restaurants that inspire you
  • Offer promotions to twitter followers to incentivize them to follow you and share your specials

For some of your own inspiration, check out a few restaurants that tweet oh so naturally.!/an_nhau #gottahavemythai!/emmaspizza #sliceoftheday!/myersandchang  #bestasianintown

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