CRM and Re-marketing for Local

online promotions with privy

We hear a lot of chatter at conferences and online about client relationship management (aka CRM) for local and small businesses.  In the context of SMB and local, the word CRM feels far too onerous. Remember that these business owners or marketers are incredibly strapped for time. CRMs like salesforce are far too complex and require too much consistency for a local business owner.

In local, we believe the holy grail is simple, automoated re-marketing. And from day one, that’s been a major component of our product.

The beauty of running your own promotions with Privy is that any consumer who claims or purchases your Privy promotions is now a direct connection of yours. As you can see in the screen shot above, you can access your new customers directly from your Privy merchant dashboard. We make it incredibly simple to reach out to these customers in a click. Perfect for when you run your next campaign, send out your next email newsletter or send out your next facebook page update. 

Up next, autodeployment of birthday promotions, holiday promotions and much much more.

To begin CRM or re-marketing for local, small businesses, you first need to help the business understand who their customers are, and help them establish that direct line of communication. After that, its about simplifying the process of bringing those customers back more often.

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