New Feature: Vouchers serve as alternative to pre-paid deals

As you now know, part of our goal as a company is to redefine how small businesses market themselves online. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce a new kind of promotion you can run with Privy: vouchers.

What is a voucher?

First, some background. After months of watching our clients use our product, we’ve certainly learned a lot. We’ve also noticed that each client is unique, so while you may want to run a promotion as a way to increase engagement on your facebook page, other businesses might want to run promotions as a way to start, or speed up the growth of their email database. To each his or her own.

Next, we’ve also seen consumers who may have an interest in a businesses promotion but not act on it because they could be viewing it from a tablet from the comfort of their couch, or on the move from a mobile phone. In those scenarios, it’s probably unlikely that the consumer grabs a credit card to buy the pre-paid deal on the spot. 

In these scenarios, we’ve already seen tremendous success with our vouchers offering.

A voucher is an offer that is created using the same privy dashboard, and distributed in a few clicks to your website, facebook page, email campaign or twitter stream. The key difference is that rather than asking a consumer to pre-pay for the offer, you’re simply asking the consumer to opt-in  or “claim” the offer using their name and email address. Next, consumers will also be able to claim vouchers by “liking” your business page on facebook.

With vouchers, you’re still able to build important connections with these high quality consumers, but you remove some of the friction associated with pre-paying for deals online. Consumers redeem vouchers in the same way they would redeem any privy deal and you can still limit redemptions to mobile phones. 

If you have any questions about gettin started with vouchers for your business, do not hesitate to contact us: or 781-277-7489.

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