Privy Promotions Engine: Phase One Begins

Privy promotions

Internally we have adopted a bunch of mottos for our company. One of our favorites is “live in five”. Another happens to be “demonstrate immediate value”. 

We firmly believe that in order to improve the lives of small businesses, we need them to be able to begin running promotional campaigns with Privy in as little as 5 minutes and the success of our business relies on whether or not a business using Privy can see positive results from their first campaign.

In our eyes, those two issues go hand in hand. Sure, we’re improving our usability on a daily basis (and so far we think its great), but live in five isn’t just about user experience. 

Businesses around the country use Privy to create, distribute and manage online promotions. Some of these businesses have a director of marketing, who begins using our product with an understanding of what kind of promotion they’d like to run. Most, however, don’t have a clue, so they look to us as the experts in running online promotions. 

As such, we’re beginning to productize the service of suggesting promotions into what we’re calling the Privy Promotions Engine. Today you’ll find the promotions engine in its simplest form when you interact with our dashboard. Based on the profile you fill out when you register, we will suggest promotion templates that have worked well for other businesses in your shoes. 

So whether you’re a salon owner, a pizza shop, or a fine dining restaurant, you’ll quickly and easily be able to see what promotions have worked well for other similar businesses. To start, the templates in the promotions engine are driven by our team, but over time, the engine itself will get smarter. We’re tracking the conversion rate on each template, gross sales and every other metric you might imagine, so that the more our templates are used, the smarter they get.

Talk about “demonstrating immediate value”, now when you use Privy, you’ll only be seeing the top performing promotion templates relevant to your business, which are based off of historical data from other similar businesses and your intent. Be it to reward loyalty, acquire new customers or offload inventory, the Privy promotions engine will work for you.

Happy Promoting!

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