Matching Consumer Search Intent with your Offers

Look closely at the two pictures above. First, you’ve got a photo of a google search for “burgers boston”. Next, there’s a photo of a Caesar salad. Although it does look refreshing, it’s probably not what that search was hoping for. And it makes perfect sense. 

We find that a lot of our merchants see the most success in winning new customers when they can preemptively satisfy a consumer’s intent with the promotion they offer online.In this case, it probably would make more sense if the search result pulled up an image of a nice juicy burger like this one, right?

We bring this up only to exemplify a consideration of creating and distributing the right promotional marketing campaign online. The first, and most important step, is to understand who is looking for a business like yours, and why? What is the product or service they’re looking for. For a burger joint, its probably a burger joint. So don’t offer your promotion for caesar salads. Keep it to your core in order to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

This may sound trivial, but its amazing how many people want to bring in more customers, yet choose some obscure promotion that is not central to capturing online interest.

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