Privy Ships Out to 500 Startups

Yesterday was Day 1 for team Privy at 500 Startups in Mountain View, California and to put it in local terms, we're hella stoked! For the next 3-4 months, we'll be living as transplants in the Valley (Silicon Valley, that is) - trying our best to fit in. Whether we come back as full-fledged, tree-hugging hippies is yet to be seen...however, what we can guarantee is that we'll emerge from this program with a finely tuned product and big plan for how we're going to change the face of small business marketing. So, what's it all about? Essentially, we will be spending the next 4 months, non-stop, developing features to help Privy businesses drive more awesome results from online marketing. 500 startups, founded by Dave McClure, is a 4 month intensive accelerator devoted to growing startup companies by focusing on the pillars of design, metrics and scale. The program will offer us access to an exclusive network of hundreds of incredible mentors, and we will be working alongside 34 other companies hand-picked as some of the most interesting startup businesses from across the globe. Pretty sweet, eh?

Here are a montage of pics from the first couple days...

Grouchy josh after a long flight
Crew hanging out at SFO

Ben testing out the new wheels

A warm welcome

 w here all the magic happens...
where all the magic happens...

some buds from Batch 5

X marks the spot

Our new office view

subtle messaging

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