A Checklist for marketing your local business online through search and social media

In the digital age, it’s crucial to consider the main pillars of connecting with your potential customers online. Here are a few key tips to think about as you continue to spend time marketing your businesses. Searchability

First and foremost, make sure you can be found… anywhere. Setup free accounts on Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and a website and make sure the contact and business information is accurate across all of those accounts. Especially for restaurants, spas, salons and clothing stores

Also, run a quick Google search for your business name and city, and some relevant keywords. If you don’t show up in the first few results you should seriously consider paying for google ads for those specific keywords. Remember, you want to be found when someone is searching for a service or product that you offer.

Ease of information access

When a potential customer is looking for you, and then finds your website, make sure they can find what they’re looking for in under 2 seconds. Usually that means phone number, address, hours, etc. If they have to dig too deep they may go elsewhere.

Sure, having a nice branded, visual website is a good thing, but not if it gets in the way of what’s important.


According to Google, more than 40% of mobile searches are targeted at local businesses. That’s huge. When you take a second to think about that, you should make sure you have an optimized mobile website. For the same reasons above, when a potential customer finds your site through a mobile search, that usually means they’re nearby. Having a clunky, slow to load site with no hours, location or contact info can be detrimental to your business.

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Calls to action and Conversion

When you’ve got their attention, offer them something small to incentivize their first visit. Coupons are a great way to increase the conversions rate from online to in-store sale.

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Customer Contact Information

Getting a customer in the door is only half the battle. As you continue to post on Facebook, twitter and send out monthly email newsletters, its important to be capturing contact information, email addresses, likes and follows from these customers. That way you can always stay in front of them.

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