Case Study: Local Burger Shop Drives Big Results through Free Fry November

This month, Four Burgers offered customers a free order of fries with the purchase of any burger- talk about a fry for all!  Within 4 weeks, they were able to leverage social media to win almost 200 customers and drive some awesome engagement!

Did you know that more than half of your Facebook fans and Twitter followers "like" your page or "follow" you for exclusive access to offers and specials? It's true! They want to be the first to know about what's going on, and they want to be rewarded for choosing your brand. By working with Privy, Four Burgers was able to effectively engage social media followers in a way that really drives sales, measurably!  In a month's time, Privy delivered 193 new customers to Four Burger's doorstep. Of those customers, 30% have redeemed the offer so far. Further, Four Burgers can see exactly where customers are finding the offer and even where they're redeeming it. And what about the customers that haven't redeemed yet? Well, Four Burgers gets contact info for every single customer, so they can remind them to come in and get their free fries!

Ask yourself why you want more fans and followers. In and of itself, a Facebook "like" is worth very little, but the implication is that a like bolsters easier, quicker communication with your fans. However, the truth is that the strength of your connection with your fans is reliant on far more than the initial like.  Once the connection's established, you must be posting interesting and engaging content on the reg!  But what type of content drives engagement? Well, promotions are a huge one! Throughout the course of Four Burgers' campaign, for example, many posts received over 10 likes and one post even received over 50. Pro tip: the more likes, comments and share you get on a Facebook post, the more that post will show up in the newsfeeds of others. Four Burgers' campaign, therefore, not only drove sales and engagement, but also increased their exposure and branding.

P.S. If you haven't yet, grab your free fries today! Only 2 days left!


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