5 Things you didn't know you could do with Privy

Privy is a simple service for marketing your local business, but we thought it would be worthwhile to call out 5 exciting things you can do with Privy that you might not have realized:

Prescheduling your campaigns

We know you're busy, but we also know how many web visitors, facebook views and google searches are done for your business on a regular basis. That's why its important to always have some sort of campaign running, to ensure you're not missing these high-intent potential customers and referrals. If you can plan ahead, we highly suggest prescheduling multiple campaigns in your dashboard. Just create a campaign as you normally would, but when you arrive at the "pick the dates of your campaign" section, instead of "now", select the actual date you want the campaign to start and end. That could be next week, next month, or in 6 months - you choose.  After you hit "launch", you'll then be able to see your prescheduled campaigns directly from your dashboard, as seen below.

Set a future launch date with Privy

View your prescheduled campaigns directly in your Privy dashboard.

Grow your audience with Google Adwords

If you've ever looked for something online or from your phone, chances are you're using Google to conduct that search. Well, so are your best potential customers. If you're a local business, or own multiple locations, there are thousands of relevant searches for a business or service like yours. You can buy ads for certain keywords using Google Adwords, to make sure that your advertisement surfaces when that search is done locally. With Privy, all you have to do is set your campaign budget, and we'll reformat your campaign into an advertisement that we buy on a hyper local basis. It's easy and the best part is that we turn complicated Adwords reporting into how many customers you got through the ad. The next time you're creating a campaign with Privy, keep an eye out for the Google Adwords check box when you get to the Marketing section. It's the easiest way to make sure anyone searching for what you offer, can actually find you. 

How to extend your Privy campaign to Google Adwords

What your Google Ad looks like with Privy

Customize the way offers look on your website

We know you care about the look and feel of your brand and website, so we've made it easy for you to customize how your Privy campaign looks on your website. Customize the color, placement and text to better suit your style. Simply click on the "change style" button when looking at the marketing section.

Customize the styling of your Privy campaign

Capture customers from your mobile website

Don't forget that in 2013, over 30% of the traffic to your website will come from a mobile device. When you optimize the way your site looks from a smart phone or tablet, be sure to include our widget, so your current offers look great on your mobile site.

Add Privy to your mobile optimized website with ease.

Export your new customer email database to Mailchimp or Constant Contact

One of the most effective things you can do to bring a customer back into one of your locations, is to include them in your monthly email newsletter. Don't forget that with Privy, you get the email address of everyone of your new customers. When reviewing your campaign results, be sure to hit the "export" button so you can add your database of customers to your email marketing service.

Export your Privy customer database to mailchimp or constant contact.

Enjoy these tricks and tips. They will make a huge difference in the results you see in your online marketing with Privy!


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