How to Optimize your Privy Experience

Creating Your Promotion

When you create an account with Privy, you're given a list of offer suggestions that have worked in your category before. You can also create your own custom promotions. After all, it's your business and no one knows your business better than you.  Many businesses use specials they are already running in their store or restaurant as their Privy promotions and these usually work very well. If you ever have questions, we've got a team of marketing gurus, dedicated to helping you plan kickass promotions!  

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The First Promotion

Your first campaign is huge opportunity.  Our most successful merchants create a "small ticket" offer.  A "small ticket" offer is a promotion for a lower priced item that many consumers want to take advantage of that often causes them to spend more than the promotion offers.  Think about your average customer: How much do they typically spend per visit? What their most common purchase? Your "small ticket" offer should be your best selling item or service at a slight discount or  a small freebie (e.g. buy a burger and get a small fry).


Our merchants who get the most customers tend to preschedule their first 3-4 promotions.  For that reason, when you sign up to get Privy, we'll schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our marketing gurus.  During this session, they'll provide a personal assessment of your current marketing platform and offer tips and tricks for increasing results. They will also help you to pre-schedule and optimize your first 3 or 4 campaigns.

Setting Marketing

Privy allows you to choose any and all of your online distribution including your website, Facebook page, Twitter account and Google ads.  We recommend that for your first promotion, you share everywhere you can to get an understanding of where your best customers come from.  Here are the optimal settings for the best results:

  • Facebook: medium setting.  This means we'll share an average of 3 times per week on your behalf.
  • Twitter: high setting.  This means we'll share once a day on your behalf.  Fewer tweets are seen by your followers than Facebook posts, so you set a higher frequently of tweets.
  • Website: the website tab should be formatted to show the most important part of your offer (e.g. Free Fries, One Night Special, $1 Off, 10% Off Appetizers, Extended Happy Hour, etc.).

These settings can be adjusted manually in your dashboard at any time during your campaign and our marketing team is continually monitoring and assessing sharing frequencies and times for effectiveness.  

One quick tip for success: post different content on your own at least a few times per week.  This can be pictures, updates or quick thoughts of the day.  If you already do that, keep it up!  If not, you can always chat with one of our marketing gurus about the different types of content you can be posting and optimal times for sharing (or just check out our blog post on this very topic)!

Seeing Results

On your Privy dashboard, you will be able to see who has signed up for your campaign, where they came from online and whether or not they've come into your store.  Just go to and click "log in" in the top right corner.  

Staying Prepared

Our most successful merchants tend to plan 4-6 promotions in advance.  You can pre-schedule a promotion to launch in advance so you can be sure you're ready to get more customers all the time.  Most of our merchants preset promotions around specific holidays, special months or certain specials they are known best for.  

Well, what are you waiting for?  Now you know everything - get out there and get Privy!

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