Prescheduling your Campaigns

Getting Started

So you decided to get Privy.  Awesome!  The very first thing you'll do is schedule a 30-minute personal marketing consultation. The goal of this session is: 

  1. Identify your business goals and marketing strategies
  2. Offer tips, tricks and best practices catered specifically to your business
  3. Design and optimize your initial campaign schedule

Why should I pre-schedule multiple campaigns?

Setting a campaign schedule for your first 3 months is crucial to success.  Over this period, we'll begin to collect enough data to understand which marketing platforms deliver the best results for your business and find ways to increase your effectiveness on the less effective platforms. Secondly, your first 90 days are a big chance to bring new/existing customers closer to your staff and business.  It's important to establish consistency over this period so that customers learn to anticipate regular opportunities to interact with your business online and staff gets more comfortable with the steady increase in business.

How do I pre-schedule these campaigns?

To help you do this, our marketing gurus will work with you to plan beween 3 and 6 pre-scheduled campaigns to start your Privy membership. You choose a start date and an end date for each campaign (usually spanning 1-2 weeks) and we'll help you come up with creative promotions that appeal to a large number of customers and still drive a profit for your business!   

How do I learn more?

Are you not sure if Privy's the right tool for you, but definitely interested in learning more? The 30-minute consultation is available to any business who signs up on our website. Sign up today!  We can't wait to learn more about you and your business! 

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