MailChimp + Privy = The Best Way to Grow Your List

We know that one of the top challenges facing email marketers is how to grow your list. You're spending lots of time (and money) driving people to your website but turning visitors into subscribers can be a challenge. 

Privy's integration with MailChimp makes tackling this challenge easier in just a few clicks. With Privy, you can add pop-ups, banners, sign up bars and more to your website and automatically sync contacts to specific lists within your Mailchimp account. You can even tie different Privy campaigns to different lists to improve your email personalization. 

Here are a few ways you can use the Privy: Mailchimp integration to grow your list:

  • Put a welcome pop-up on your site that lets visitors easily subscribe after they have been on your site for 3 seconds
  • Offer a discount to people as they start to leave your site using an exit intent popup
  • Display a flyout subscription form on your blog once someone has scrolled 25% of the way down your page
  • Have an always present sign up bar at the top of your website

Learn more about display types, triggers, and targeting you can use to grow your list or sign up to get started.

Read detailed instructions on how to set up your MailChimp Sync.