Feature Alert: Mobile Website Widget Display

At Privy, we're always updating our product to provide our brands' customers the best experience.  This time, we've enhanced mobile engagement on a brand's website.   

After doing some research, we noticed that 51% of promotion views were done through a mobile operating system.  Because so many consumers are now visiting websites with a mobile device, we've upgraded the way a website widget shows up on a brand's website.   


As you can see, the new design fits a mobile aesthetic, doesn't interfere with the website's original design and is easy to read.  Most notably, it features a Promotion Bar instead of a tab.

Some of our clients also like to run multiple promotions on their website at the same time.  To handle this experience, we redesigned the title of the Promotion Bar to say "See Our Current Offers."  When a consumer clicks on that bar, the active promotions drop down and are all clickable.  This experience suits the consumer on the go who is engaged, high-intent and ready to connect with your brand.


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