Customer Landing Page Gets Major Facelift


It’s always exciting to share a "before and after" when we launch something. Naturally, there’s always the immediate feeling of, “Finally, this project is done!” But it's even more gratifying when we’ve created something that directly contributes to our clients' brands.

While the landing pages weren’t in a bad place to start, we approached the facelift with a few improvements in mind:  We wanted to modernize the look and feel, and reorganize content to more effectively display campaign and business information.

The most prominent change is the introduction of new, responsive smartphone, tablet, and desktop layouts that enhance the readability and flow of campaign content. We've also added a richer background texture, and display your logo and campaign images as fixed-size squares to ensure consistency across campaign assets and devices.

Additionally, we've completely redesigned the location finder. As our client base grows to include larger chains, we recognized that the landing page needs to do a better job handling long location lists. So now no matter how many locations you have, your customers can easily search for the closest ones using city and state, ZIP code, or their browsers' built-in location sharing features.

Thanks to these changes, large chains and franchises are now beautifully represented, and consumers can quickly and easily glean the information they need to get excited about your offer, sign up, find a location, and head on in!

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