Feature Alert: New URL Builder & Social Post Annotations

A quick heads up on two new features that just went live in the Privy dashboard:

New URL Builder
We’ve made some design updates to our URL Builder, and the result is a much cleaner and easier way to create sharing links in Privy. After you click “Create sharing link” on the Campaigns page, a window will pop up where you can select which type of link you want to create: 


Choose a source, then click “Create” to generate a new link and click “Copy” to add it to your clipboard. Now you have a link - in a brand new shortended format - that’s ready to be tracked with Privy - it’s that simple:


You can even create links when you are still in draft mode, allowing you to create and schedule a Facebook or Google Ad campaign (or anything else) before you push your campaign live to ensure that everything is buttoned up and ready to go on day one of your promotion.

Social Post Annotations
With our new Social Post Annotations, we’ve made it even easier for you to gain valuable insight on all of the social media posts that are automatically shared by Privy.

In the Campaigns Summary, we will now display clicks, claims and redemption information for each social post. That means you’ll actually be able to understand how many in-store customers each tweet or facebook post drives in.


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