How Restaurants Are Using Privy to Measure ROI & Build Guest Relationships [Customer Examples]

There are many different ways that restaurants are using Privy to measure ROI and build long-term relationships with their guests, but there are two things that the most successful ones have in common: they all have long running and limited time offers.

A long running offer is promoted on the restaurant’s website, with the goal of acquiring new customers and increasing the average ticket size.  A long running offer will typically be something like “$1 Off Any Sandwich” or “Free Beverage with the Purchase of a Meal."

A limited time offer will often have a bigger discount, like “10% Off Your Next Visit” or “Buy One Get One Free.”  These offers are promoted in online ads, on Facebook, Twitter and in email newsletters with the goal of increasing in-store frequency. 

Here’s a look at a few examples from customers who have been successful running these types of campaigns with Privy (descriptions below the SlideShare):

Sea Island Shrimp House

Sea Island Shrimp House has six locations in the San Antonio, TX area.  They use Privy to incentivize website visitors to join their email list, the Reel Rewards Club.  After signing up, new customers receive an offer for a free appetizer which they can redeem on their next visit.  As a result, Sea Island can see exactly how many in-store customers their offer drove.


SA PA is a fresh and fast Vietnamese kitchen located in Boston’s Downtown Crossing area.  In addition to using Privy online, they’ve created table tents with a QR code and a link to their Privy offer, so people sitting down and eating can claim the offer and redeem it next time they are in store.  This is a great example of a restaurant using a limited time offer to drive guests back in-store for another visit.

Kingston Station

Kingston Station is a restaurant located a short distance away from the Opera House and the Theater District in Boston.  Similar to SA PA, they do a great job of trying to increasing guest frequency, however, they do it by including a link to their offer in their monthly newsletter, capitalizing on an engaged group of email subscribers.  

MAD Greens

MAD Greens is a 12 location business in Colorado known for their healthy sandwiches, soups and salads.  They wanted to test which Facebook advertising type delivered the best ROI and brought them the most new customers, so they created a limited time offer to “Buy One Get One” for any of their farm fresh salads.  Because the ads linked to their Privy offer, they were able to track exactly how many in-store customer each ad drove.  As a result, 215 customers came from Facebook into their store and they acquired nearly 1200 new email addresses.

Stone Hearth Pizza Co.

Stone Hearth Pizza Co. has six restaurant locations in the Boston area.   They use long running offers like “$3 Off Your Next Pizza” to capitalize on hungry people visiting their website.  Offers like these have a tremendous impact on converting web traffic into actual in-store customers: 75% of people who claim a Stone Hearth offer come in to redeem the offer on the same day.

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