Privy COO Interviewed by Fast Casual

We're excited to share that Fast Casual recently interviewed our own Jake Cohen for some insights on what's happening with restaurants in the digital space.  

Some tid bits: What is the most effective digital platform for restaurant marketing budgets?

"A Facebook post costs nothing because they're already captivated, they're already following you. That's the most effective from an ROI perspective.  What we see more, however, is that Twitter and the brand's website are better at driving immediate sales and same-store sales than Facebook and email."

fast_casual_magazine_logo.png What are the big trends you're seeing in the restaurant space, in terms of marketing?

"Consumers are now making decisions about where to eat by going online and searching around. Consumers think, "What am I in the mood for?" Then they find it. It's just easier for them to get more information.  The marketing scale, then, is now balanced on the side of consumers. With digital, brands can now know everything down to their clicks." How big will mobile get in the restaurant space?

"I think a big mistake in the marketplace right now is considering mobile as a unique channel. It's not, it's a window.  The best marketers get this and they use different ad formats and different channels for different content. For example, hit the consumer with a radio ad on the way to work, use geotargeted ads on social media at lunch, and at night, run a TV ad."


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