Privy's New Secret Weapon: Customer Insights and Segmentation

The time has come. We've just released a new secret weapon for marketers into the wild: Privy Insights. This tool replaces the old customers page, and helps you get a much better picture of your customer base as a whole. Revamped charts display valuable data about how your customer base has grown over time, which customers are new versus which are loyal, where customers discovered an offer, at which locations they redeemed that offer, and more.

But while aggregate insights about your entire customer base are great, insights about specific subsets of customers are even better if you wish to fully understand customer spending behavior.


New Features: Filtering and Segmentation

Privy Insights allows you to add dozens of different filters that narrow down your customer base into smaller marketing segments.

Let's say you work in the marketing department of a pizza brand and you want to figure out which flaky customers claimed your "Free Slice of Pizza" offer from a link you posted on Facebook, but never actually bothered to come in and redeem it. You can use Privy Insights to easily identify these indecisive individuals.


Step 1: Create a Custom Segment

Add filters to create your custom segment. Each time you filter your customer base, you can see important charts detailing where customers in the segment found your offer and where they redeemed it. You can even see a break down of how many customers in the segment have redeemed multiple offers in the past.

Once you've add your filters and explored the accompanying charts, you can save the set of filters as a named segment. This allows you to quickly revisit interesting insights to monitor changes that occur.

Now that you know what kind of customers you're dealing with, it's time to think about remarketing. This segment contains customers who never redeemed your "Free Slice of Pizza" offer. So, how about you make them an offer they can't refuse...


Step 2: Export Contacts to Your Email Service Provider


With the click of a button you can export all the contacts in your new segment to your email service provider, be it MailChimp or ConstantContact, or to a CSV file.


Step 3: Create a Hyper-Targeted Campaign


Now that you've got the contacts in a place where it's easy to shoot off a quick email to them, use Privy to create a special offer just for the people in your targeted segment. Then, with Privy's URL builder, you can generate a trackable link to your new offer. Once you launch your campaign, just include the link in an email to all the contacts you exported earlier, and watch the redemptions roll in!


That's it! You just created a hyper-targeted marketing campaign based on Privy Insights!


As much as I'd love to divulge more about Privy Insights (and trust me, there's a lot more awesomeness packed in there), I can't. It's called a secret weapon for a reason.

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