Why We LOVE Thank You Small Business

Privy is proud to be a partner to the Thank You Small Business campaign, launched by the ever forging visionary Carissa Reiniger. 


We started Privy to help local businesses focus on what they do best – whether that’s serving pizza, cooking pies, beautifying their clients or making them feel special.  We’ve seen how hard it is for local businesses to thrive doing what they love and serving the customers who love them.  So we made it easier for them to find and delight even more quality local customers.

Being part of this campaign is a passion for us because Thank You Small Business shares our same mission of helping the local vendors who need the most help.  They recognize the difficulty local businesses face in finding new, quality customers as well as the difficulty in managing expenses, finding great employees, expanding to new locations and just keeping the business afloat.  Carissa and her team have made an astonishingly powerful set of resources that local business owners can take advantage of for FREE.

The Thank You Small Business Campaign is a true solution that gives local business owners the resources they need to flourish.

As providers to the local community, we need to challenge local business owners to get outside of their comfort zone.  Embrace what you don’t know.  Surprise yourself with triumph when you don't expect it.  Sample the array of opportunities presented to you so you can learn and be more successful.  The more you try, the more you know.  The more you know, the more clear you can be about what you want and the better your available solutions will be.

The Thank You Small Business campaign is a quantum leap in the right direction of serving the local businesses that make our communities what they are.

Thank you Carissa, thank you to her team and Thank You Small Business.

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