Top 3 Ways To Measure Your Potential Online Audience

In this post, we’ll be teaching you how to measure your Potential Online Audience. Whether you're a marketer, a small business, a blogger, or a thought-leader, it's important to know your potential online audience for setting goals as your reach grows and your online presence improves. When calculated alongside your immediate online audience, you can begin to understand the extent of your reach and set goals and benchmarks for establishing yourself as a thought leader and improving your digital marketing efforts. Be sure to also check out our blog post on how to measure your Immediate Online Audience.

Here's the Meat:

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1. Google Search

Google, master of all things analytics, has a product called “Keyword Tool” which is designed to show you what keywords you could buy in AdWords to capitalize on how people search for your business and businesses like yours. To use it, go to Google's Keyword Tool and type your business’s name in the Keyword Search box.  A bunch of results will show up, some of which are your exact business.  Pick the 3 results that are most relevant to you and add up their Local Search Volume.  For example, if your business is called Bob’s Flower Shop, you may see a results page like this:

Pick Bob’s Flower Shop, Bob Flower Shop and Flower Shops and add their Local Search Volume for a total of 28,700, for example.

2. Facebook

To see how many friends your Facebook fans have you need to look at your Admin panel on your Facebook page.  When you log in, it often is open.  In case it isn’t, click “Show” on the top right of your page.  There will be a chart there titled “Insights”.  Click on “See All”.

There will be some numbers at the top, one of which is “Friends of Fans.”  That is the number you’re looking for!

 Look for "Friends of Fans" when measuring potential online audience on Facebook

Look for "Friends of Fans" when measuring potential online audience on Facebook

3. Twitter

Unfortunately, at the moment there isn’t a good way to see how many followers your followers have.  We have it on good authority that this feature is coming in the near future and we’ll be sure to tell you about it when it arrives.

Now just add them up!

   28,700 Google Local Search Volume 
+ 875,000 Facebook Friends of Fans 
= 903,700 total potential audience

Realistically, you shouldn't see these numbers and strive to convert every single member of your potential audience into members of your immediate audience. You can, however, examine your immediate audience as a percentage of your potential audience, and measure growth of your reach on that metric. You should also keep in mind that these numbers aren't static; as your immediate audience grows, so too will your potential audience.

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