Privy Data: Using Specials to Capture High-Intent Customers and Drive them In-Store

For marketing managers at multi-unit local businesses, tracking revenue or upticks in business based off online marketing can be extremely difficult, if not impossible. 

Marketing managers large and small, be it at the Qdoba's of the world, or the corner stores of the world, launch specials and promotions, but if you ask any of them how many customers they get in-store from these promotions, they literally have no idea.

If you happened to catch our earlier post about understanding whether more offline customers come from facebook or a local businesses website,  you'll remember that "intent" is key in understanding your online audiences. And for us, we tie online conversions to in-store redemptions of specials using consumer mobile phones.

We took a look at 1,000 unique redemptions across all our customers, and we wanted to understand when these redemptions were happening in-store. 

In the charts below, consider time zero the moment a consumer enters their contact information to claim the special online, be it from your website or social media pages.

Mobile redemptions capture online intent and drive customers in-store, fast.

Of the 1,000 redemptions we looked at, over 400 were redeemed in-store the same exact day! That's pretty remarkable, and it makes sense. Offering someone a special who is actively looking for a product or service like yours is a fabulous way to capture that intent, build a relationship (contact information), and increase the chances of driving  the customer in-store. 

Let's look at this in a different way. The below chart depicts the percentage of the 1,000 redemptions that occurred within that time frame. It's worth noting that 67% of redemptions happened within 24 hours of customers claiming the specials online! And 98% of the redemptions occurred within one month of the customer claiming the specials online. Truly remarkable.

Mobile Redemption Percentages by Day Since Claim

If done right, small specials and promotions can be a great way to capture a high-intent audience and drive them in-store instantaneously, be it on a rainy day, in time for an upcoming holiday, or when launching a new menu items.  

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