Sa Pa - Vietnamese Kitchen in Boston

For those that live, work, or play in the downtown crossing area of Boston, Kingston Station has become a go-to spot for lunch, after work drinks or dinner. In fact, some might say Kingston Station helped spur a turnaround of the Kingston Street area. 

That's why we were ecstatic when Kingston station owner and client, Ky Nguyen, called to let us know he wanted to begin working with Privy at his new fast casual concept, Sa Pa.  Located at the corner of Kingston St and Bedford St, this is surely going to be another neighborhood staple.

Ky Nguyen, Owner of Sa Pa in Boston

Sa Pa - At the corner of Bedford St and Kingston St in Boston

Nguyen, of vietnamese descent, wanted to create his own twist on the classic Banh Mi cuisine. So he took some family recipes, and mashed them up with a creative modern twist. That feeling is infused into the vibe as soon as you walk in. The bright colors, and vibrant, fresh tastes contrast well with the family photos on the wall.

Sa Pa: a modern twist on family style vietnamese recipes in Boston

Though today was just our first visit,  we highly recommend the pork meatball banh mi, as well as the sake cured salmon banh mi.  We've also heard great things about the Pho, and for those that like a good kick, there's plenty of siracha sauce containers to go!

Sure - we're definitely excited to be working with Sa Pa, but we're more excited to go back for seconds. Check out the full menu and social media links below.

The Pork Meatball Banh Mi from Sa Pa in Boston

Sa Pa really knows their condiments

So fresh at Sa Pa Boston