Using Calls to action to capture local search and social intent for local businesses

As a local business owner, there are hundreds of consumers that walk by your storefront every single day. Depending on where your business is located, there might even be thousands. For that reason, you see a lot of businesses put out chalkboards on the sidewalk that say things like "happy hour 5-7 PM" or "$10 burger special". These chalkboard specials serve as calls to action to help convince a passerby to walk in to the business, a effort that has been in existence for decades.

Great Call to Action Chalkboard Special Outside Smith and Wollensky

The online world is no different. As a local business owner, you likely have a website, social media pages on facebook, twitter, foursquare and more. Now consider that on each one of these pages, you have hundreds or thousands of potential customers passing by every single day. The only difference is that rather than just walking by, these visitors expressed some level of intent to land on one of your pages. They might have searched for your product or service on Google. They might have seen a social media post linking them to your site. They may have read a review of your business on Yelp. The list goes on on and on, but the key takeaway is that any of the hundreds or thousands of online visitors who land on your pages is a high intent customer. 

Don't leave the decision making process to chance. When these customers land on your pages, you should strongly consider running similar "chalkboard specials" that serve as calls to action to capture customer contact information, and increase the chances of bringing the customer into your business. 

What are you doing to capture this intent and drive these customers in-store? 

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