Privy Case Study: How Shrimp House's Marketing Efforts Drive In-Store Results

Sea Island Shrimp House is a multi-unit fast casual restaurant in the greater San Antonio area. 


Meghan Vincent, the Director of Marketing at Sea Island, recently turned to Privy to drive her online audience in-store and build intelligent guest profiles.  In her first month using Privy, Meghan created two promotional campaigns, which were then distributed across Sea Island’s website, Facebook page, twitter page, Yelp, and Foursquare. Consumers entered their email addresses, and then redeemed the promotions in-store using their mobile phones.

In her first month of using Privy, Meghan was able to:

  • convert 3.09% of her online audience into remarketable leads
  • track 41% of campaign guests as a direct result of Facebook marketing
  • segment guest email lists by restaurant location
  • easily capture reviews from ew guests



"For the first time, I have a place I can log in every day and see exactly how my marketing efforts are driving in-store results"

                  - Meghan Vincent, Director of Marketing, Sea Island Shrimp House


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